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Re-imaging Business – Leverage the Cloud Power

SHENZHEN - Aug 8, 2013, - The Cloud Era, with the emergent of revolutionary technologies, coupled with the world’s unstable economy, brings both uncertainty and opportunities to enterprises worldwide. For this reason, Kingdee International Software Group organized the Chinese Management, World Forum 2013, which attracted more than 2000 attendees.

Speakers included Mr. Long Yongtu, chief negotiator for China's entry into the WTO, Mr. Li Decheng, Director General of the China Enterprise Federation, Mr. Fu Yuning, Chairman of China Merchants Bank, Mr. Liu Pingchun, Director of Overseas Chinese Town, Mr. Zhang Xuewu, Chairman of China National Travel Service (Hong Kong), Ms. Chen Chunhua, Co-chairman & CEO of New Hope Liuhe Group, Mr. Zhang Yaqin, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, Professor Zhu Xiaoming, Executive President of China Europe International Business School, Professor Hai Wen, Vice President of Peking University & Chancellor of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Mr. Wang Wenyin, President of Amer International Group, Mr. Wang Degen, Vice Chairman & CEO of West Hope Group, Ms. Dong Mingzhu, President of Gree Electric Appliances Inc., Mr. Feng Lun, Chairman of Vantone Holdings, and Mr. Robert Xu, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kingdee.

Mr. Long believed that the future of the Chinese economy depends on three factors: advancement in science and technology, SMEs, upgrading and restructuring. To sum it up, it is important to assist the development of SMEs in the country.

Mr. Zhang put forward that to capture the value of cloud computing and big data, enterprises must make good use of 3Vs, i.e. Vision, View and Value. Vision: enterprises must have a strategic plan that is suitable for themselves; View: enterprises must be open to the adoption of new technology; Value: transform data into useful information, driving business decision making. He was impressed by Kingdee’s development from being a financial software firm into a leading management solutions provider. He added, “Microsoft and Kingdee have been strategic partners for a long time. And we shall extend our collaboration in all fronts in the future.”

In his keynote speech, Mr. Xu said, “During economic uncertainty, it has become all the more important for enterprises to make the right move. Kingdee aims to becoming the world’s leading Cloud Management service provider. The Group is committed to integrating ERP with cutting-edge technologies, including cloud computing, enterprise social networking, mobile solution and big data, to help our customers transform into more agile and productive enterprises.”

The Conference also included sessions which covered specific aspects of what matters most to the managers nowadays namely, Group Management in the Cloud Era, Re-imaging Manufacturing, Collaborative Enterprise Social Networking, Reform: The Way Forward for Real Estate Enterprises, Re-imaging HR Management, and Innovative Healthcare Management in the Cloud Era

Another highlight of the Forum was the 6th Outstanding Chinese Management Model Awards Presentation Ceremony. The Awards was the first of its kind in China in awarding best business practices. TCL Corporation won the Award for R&D Innovation, Yuexiu Property the Award for Strategic Vision, CIFI Group the Award for Operational Excellence, Solar Energy Shandong Sang Le the Award for Business Culture, C & S Paper the Award for Special Contribution to Industry and more.

August 8th is a special day for Kingdee. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Kingdee, Mr. Xu thanked for the support all its customers, staff and partners, which made Kingdee ranked as the “No. 1 market share of ERP solutions for SMEs in China” for nine consecutive years. For the coming years, Kingdee shall continue to adhere to its business philosophy of “Leading Product, Partner First” in delivering values to its customers, staff, shareholders and partners.

All the guests congratulated Kingdee and had a memorable night at the Kingdee 20th Anniversary Gala Night!