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EAS Overview

Product Positioning

The brand of the Kingdee EAS is positioned as the top brand of large- and medium-size enterprise management software.

The Kingdee Enterprise Application Suite (EAS) is a new generation enterprise application suite rolled out by Kingdee International Software Group (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Kingdee boasts of the optimum application practice with over 1,000,000 users. By using the state-of-the-art ERP II management philosophy and the most advanced platform technical architecture, Kingdee EAS is the important platform upgrade and management upgrade of the K/3 product. It covers group management, financial management, HR management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, vendor relationship management, collaboration platform, and other management fields. It provides large- and medium-size enterprises with a personalized enterprise management and e-Business application solution that best fits in with the features of enterprise management.

Product Philosophy

Integrated Management
 During the process of heading for economy of scale of the large- and medium-size groups, the internal units of the groups suffer from asymmetrical access to information and blocked sharing channels of resources. It results in low operation efficiency, sharp increase of management cost, and failure of effectively implementing the unified strategic objectives of the groups. The Kingdee EAS is not just system integration, neither a simple centralization of resources or components. As consolidation of internal resources, mobilization of strategy implementation, and prevention of operation risk is the very original, internal, and inevitable requirements of modern large- and medium-size enterprise management, it is required, therefore, that the management software system of the large- and medium-size enterprises be a system capable of integrating human resources, information, and process.
On Demand Business
The management model settings based on a single enterprise of the conventional ERP has become a complete embarrassment in supporting the management requirements of human resources, information, and process integration based on a multi-organization structure during the march towards the economy of scale of modern large- and medium-size enterprises. The rigidness and stagnancy of the management mode, management process, and business processing of the conventional ERP lead to the failure of satisfying the personalized requirements of the enterprise. The ways out to integrate various application systems, quickly adapt to change and improve software R&D efficiency become three thorny problems in the current software industry in a global context. Based on the management mode and the differences of industry and enterprise management style of large- and medium-size enterprises, the Kingdee EAS supports the personalized original management characteristics of enterprises, and implements configurable standard functions, customized feature requirements, and integration of heterogeneous systems. 

Product Structure

The Kingdee EAS is built on the Kingdee Business Operating System (BOS), a proprietary business operating system of Kingdee. It provides over 50 application modules, including group financial management, group HR management, group purchase management, group distribution management, group supply chain management, and collaboration platform. It also offers industry and personalized solutions, mobile Business, commercial collaboration between enterprises, and e-Business application integration.


Technical Architecture

The Kingdee EAS system based on the Kingdee BOS follows the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), with four components:

Information portal
Tie related personnel of different roles of the enterprise through the Internet to work collaboratively, and effectively consolidate the third-party system.
Business process
The process engine can be flexibly configured. In particular, the business process and the work process are visualized. The enterprise can query the process rules, route, processing status and participants of a business item at anytime. User operation becomes simple and visualized.
Business service
Provide unified interface standards to enable all business to be connected to the business process as functional components. The use and even the replacement of the services depend on user requirements.
Basic platform
Support the complexity of system integration and application deployment. 

Deployment Mode

The Kingdee EAS establishes a multi-channel access for the branches, remote users, and partners to connect to the enterprise network, forming an extended enterprise network. In that way, the gross data centralization is easily achieved.
Available hardware systems
Due to the openness of Java, a large number of hardware platforms can run the EAS, for example, IBM RS/6000 (OS: AIX), IBM OpenPower (OS: Linux), HP 9000 (OS: HP-UX), HP Integrity (OS: HP-UX), Sun Fire (OS: Solaris), PC Server (OS: Linux, Windows).
Available software systems
Currently, the mainstream databases include Oracle, DB2, SQL SERVER, SYBASE and INFORMIX. DB2 and SQL SERVER Oracle have passed the full test of EAS. Sybase and PostgeSQL have passed the initial test. It is recommended to apply the DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle database.
Apusic is a proprietary application server of Kingdee. It has gained successfully the J2EE application server test certification of Sun Microsystems. The EAS performs complete and all-round test of the Apusic system, and its maturity can be trusted and guaranteed.
In the current stage, the EAS product supports the Apusic the WebLogic and the Websphere application server only. The user can select from them as needed.
Network deployment security
Concerning the Kingdee EAS, the EAS Client connects to the application server through Kingdee's proprietary ORM-RPC protocol. The ORM-RPC can be run over HTTP or TCP/IP. The enterprise installs a firewall and places the application server in the DMZ to ensure the security of other data.
For those enterprises that have high requirements on data security, the establishment of a disaster backup center can be a possible option. Based on the requirement on universal security, the enterprises should purchase tape and professional backup software (for example, Veritas and Tivoli) to back up the data.

Product Features

Supporting multiple management modes
The Kingdee EAS supports in an all-dimensional manner the financial control mode, strategic control mode, and operation control modes of group management.Enabling large-scale centralized application
The BOS-based Kingdee EAS uses the advanced model driven architecture (MDA) to implement the full cross-platform operation of the operation environment. Through Kingdee's proprietary ORM-RPC and the O-RMapping data engine, it implements the outstanding performance of the system in a complex network environment with massive data and a large concurrent user scale.
Transparent management information
Through cross-organization query and report management, the personnel at any level can view the related management information within their authority scope. Through the reports, account books, vouchers, associated query of docs and process tracking, the group management information can be audited and tracked. The management dynamic information can be displayed in real time with reports and charts.
Visualized business process
Through the configuration of process drive, process rules, process route, process handling status, and all participants of the process of each business item of the group can be queried at any time. Through monitoring the business processes and removing the process blind points, the process bottleneck can be broken, and the visualized management of the process can be achieved. Through the workload analysis, process restructuring, and personnel optimization of the enterprise can be provided with a scientific basis.
Personalized work modes
The update of information and processing of business anywhere can be implemented with the radio application of mobile phone and PDA. The work mode of "Work seeks people" is achieved through the message drive center, and the related business can be processed at the first moment possible. The business management of different roles can be implemented through authority management, responsibility management, and role portal.
Platform-oriented application software
The Kingdee BOS platform enables all business to connect to the business process as functional components. The use and even replacement of the business units depend on user requirements. The powerful business modeling tool of the BOS and the flexible business process definition can build an industry-based, personalized management system according to the enterprise actual situation and application requirements. When the organization, process, and business of the enterprise develop and change, the flexible business modeling can ensure the adaptive adjustment of the application system by the user. 

Customer Value

Optimum ownership cost

Low implementation cost
Compared with those of foreign equivalent management software, the implementation, maintenance, and operation cost of the Kingdee EAS is low. The once-for-all implementation and the centralized training of the basic information management policy in the headquarters can complete the basic implementation of the entire group. By doing so, the implementation cost is effectively lowered.
Low optimization cost
A senior user (a system administrator or other group-authorized users) can understand and conveniently use the application mode, work flow, interface, and other standard production configuration functions through training. In that way, the application optimization and improvement of the system can be achieved. The standard interface and the integrated platform of the product can implement the integration of heterogeneous systems through configuration and customized development. With the existing investment protected, the information integration is increased at a low cost.
Low customization cost
Standard functions can be customized. The service-oriented BOS platform provides a full product life cycle tool to fast transplant the successful application of the industry and quickly customize the personalized system and functions of the group units, partners, and customers.

Optimum investment return

The application of the EAS helps the enterprise to improve efficiency, cut cost, and standardize management, eventually improving the management quality of the enterprise.

Improving efficiency
The unified platform and the real-time information sharing ensure that the management and business personnel related can acquire information in time and process related tasks.
The integration capability, that is, the seamless integration of the standard products and customized products, avoids information silo resulted from different business systems, and minimizes the repeated input and processing of the same information.
Collaboration, realized through the unified management portal, personalized work platform, mobile application, and personalized collaborative functions, improves the operation efficiency of the business process.
Reducing cost
The potentials and the performance of the employees and the organization are enhanced through performance management. The HR cost of the enterprise is effectively reduced.
The enterprise capital is consolidated through budgeting and planning. The capital operation efficiency is improved, and the CapEx is cut down significantly.
The application of the SCM system improves the enterprise operation efficiency and reduces the enterprise logistics cost.
Standardizing management
Based on the unified EAS platform, the structural information and the standard and manageable process help achieve standard management.
The attachment and OA related functions help implement the standardized management of non-structural information related to management and business process. The unified authority management, alert platform, and other related functions lead to more orderly and more standard management and business process.


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