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Group Finance

Core Philosophy of Group Financial Management

The group management control mode of the enterprise is to manage and coordinate the internal business relationships and inspire and utilize the synergy of the group through organization adjustment and power configuration, so as to ensure the implementation of the group overall operation strategy and achieve the maximization of the overall benefits of the group.

The management orientation and the control mechanism of the headquarters of the group is one of the key factors to affect the overall benefits of the company. With the management control relationships between the group headquarters and the business operation units as starting point, the group management control is divided into three management modes, operation control mode (power centralization mode), financial control mode (power distribution mode), and strategic control mode (hybrid mode) according to the degree and depth of the control. Development Trend of Group Financial Management

To integrate the group resources and strengthen the financial management control means of the group headquarters becomes an international trend. Of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, those that adopt the power centralization mode by the group headquarters account for 80%.

Based on the analysis of the development background, industry type, and headquarters management capability of the groups, the groups focus on development strategy, business planning and assessment result. They perform power distribution control of operation decision making on the basis of power centralization strategic decision making. In that regard, the strategic control management mode is the most appropriate mode for the bulk of the groups. Needless to say, with the swift development of the Chinese investment groups, the financial control management mode fits in with a fair number of the groups. In all, the financial control mode and the strategic control mode become the realistic choices for the management of the groups.

Focuses of Group Financial Information Management

Based on the analysis of the management modes of the group, each management mode has different management focuses on the financial management information system of the group. To cooperate with and propel the development of the group finance, the implementation direction of any mode is to yield a more integrated and unified group financial sector, and to implement basic accounting policy unification, financial centralized accounting, financial report integration, capital risk monitoring, budget implementation monitoring, and business financial data integration. The Kingdee EAS group financial total solution is exactly the choice for you.

Overview of Kingdee EAS Products

The Kingdee Enterprise Application Suite (EAS) is a new generation enterprise application suite rolled out by Kingdee International Software Group Company (H.K.) Ltd. Kingdee boasts of the optimum application practice with over 1,000,000users. By adopting the state-of-the-art ERP II management philosophy and the most advanced platform technical architecture, and adhering to the product core concept of "Integrated Management and Requirement-Oriented Action", Kingdee provides the most appropriate personalized enterprise management and e-Business application solutions to the Chinese enterprises. 

The EAS of Kingdee provides over 50 application modules, including group financial management, group HR management, group purchase management, group distribution management, group supply chain management, and collaboration platform, to large-scale and medium-scale enterprises. Kingdee also offers the enterprises industry and personalized solutions, mobile Business, commercial collaboration between enterprises, e-Business application integration, and other total solutions.

Total Solution of Group Financial Management

Guided by the headquarters, the total solution of group financial management starts from the multi-organizations, multi-legal representatives, multi-layers, and cross-regional features to satisfy the requirements of the group on financial management entity, objective, object, method, and financial management environment, and provide a total solution for the strategic financial management of different groups.

Total solution of the Kingdee EAS group strategic financial management

The Kingdee EAS group financial management solution unifies and consolidates the financial basic policies, centralized accounting, budget management, capital management, financial report, strategic management, and other core contents of the group. Consequently, EAS centralizes and unifies the group financial policies, standardizes financial accounting, strengthens the all-round budget management, centralized capital control, and timely update of financial reports. At the level of the group, the resources of the group are consolidated, the overall benefits of the group are enhanced, and the enterprise value is maximized.

Architecture of the total solution of the Kingdee EAS group strategic financial management

Characteristics of Group Financial Solution

Satisfying the requirement of multiple management modes of the group

The system can perform unified management of all basic information, with unified accounts, unified accounting period, and unified accounting processing method through centralized financial data management. Alternatively, the system can categorize the enterprises in different industries and regions by management unit. The policies and basic information of the related management unit of each category can be configured freely with multiple accounts, multiple accounting periods, and multiple accounting processing methods. At the same time, the basic information of the system can implement unified and discrete management at different levels. The flexible basic setting system can fully satisfy the requirements of the financial control mode, strategic control mode, and operation control mode of the group.

Implementing the overall centralized management of the group financial data

The three-pronged unified financial management of the group is implemented. As all data of the group is stored in the same database, the accounting policy, account system, and account report can be unified. Eventually the financial accounting of all units of the group can be centralized and managed, and the business expenses can be centralized and monitored in a unified manner. The integrated centralized management of the financial business can be centralized and managed in the real sense.

Real-time query and monitoring of financial situation of the group

After the grand centralization of data, the individual reports and report notes of the branches can be queried in the master report. In addition, the G/L and the detailed G/L of the branches can also be queried, and the original vouchers and business bills of each business item can be further tracked and queried. Meanwhile, the group can monitor and analyze in detail the actual business transaction according to the monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, implementing the all-round penetrating query and monitoring of the branches at various levels by the group.

Collaborative business processing and personalized system design

On the unified collaboration platform of the group, the group establishes the enterprise unified information portal and the personalized information portal to allow all people to perform SSO. The group implements the cross-organization and multi-level business approving, and performs flexible and powerful work flow management. The fixed asset transfer within the units of the group, offsetting, and other collaborative business can be conducted. The system changes completely the conventional financial work mode, provides automatic Push management, improves the personalized design, and uplifts the efficiency of the collaborative business handling.

Integrated system application

The Kingdee EAS can easily implement the data integration of the heterogeneous systems. Furthermore, the group can unify and integrate the original data of the business systems of the group, and implement various integrated application solutions, for example, the Kingdee EAS + Kingdee K/3 solution (report, G/L, and capital monitoring), integration of third-party system + EAS report, and integration of third-party system + EAS G/L. The integration of the data of the heterogeneous systems and the EAS financial data as well as the processing and monitoring of the data of different bases can be implemented.

Supporting complex organization structure management

The Kingdee EAS supports the business processing in the multi-organization structure, and tamps a solid foundation for the complex business processing of the branches under the group. It sets organization structures of different structures for different types of business, so as to facilitate the summary, statistics collecting, and policy formulating in the perspectives of profit center, cost center, and financial organization. It supports the flexible position accountability management based on the organization structure, which adapts to the complicated accountability relationships of the enterprise.

Customer Value

Implementing decision making support management to help you easily monitor the operation and financial situations in real time

The group financial management solution helps the group management to construct a strategy-based integrated management mode, fully control the enterprise operation, and make in time scientific and thorough strategic decisions. It effectively integrates a large variety of business information, and performs integrated performance assessment of the operation achievements of the enterprise. It monitors the implementation of strategies in multiple dimensions, analyzes the profit-making contribution in time, and controls the operation process and direction of the enterprise.

Implementing centralized accounting management of the group finance to help you achieve an overall accounting management of the finance

The group financial management solution implements the overall centralization of the financial data of the group, and can be applied to query in time the financial data of the member units. It unifies the group financial accounting system, and guarantees the standardization and unification of the member units of the group. It effectively coordinates the financial business process in the group, monitors the process implementation in real time, and tracks the key business projects in time. Moreover, it effectively manages the financial indexes, standardizes the right and responsibility system of the internal units, and guarantees the implementation of the operation objectives of the group.

Implementing all-round budget management of the group to help you implement the strategic objectives of the group

The group financial management solution coordinates the index system of the strategic objectives of the group through layered division, layered summary, and other means. It helps you to implement the accurate preparation of the budget through different data acquisition methods of the budget data. Based on the budget alert platform, workflow, and collaborative platform, it helps you to implement the all-dimensional monitoring of the budget implementation. It helps you to monitor the implementation of the complete budget indexes through the data integration of capital management, G/L, and business system, ensuring the materialization of the strategic objectives. It helps you with a basis for the provisioning of performance assessment and management decision making through multi-organization, multi-layer analysis of the budget implementation result. 

Implementing the centralized management of the group capital to help you to improve the capital efficiency of the group

The group financial management solution helps you to allocate and transfer capital through the centralized use of capital of the group, reducing loan and improving the efficiency of the capital as a whole. It helps you to monitor the use of capital as planned and strengthen the surveillance and control through the unified settlement of capital of the group. It helps you to perform credit quota management through unified investment and financing management of the group, guarding against the capital risk of the group. It helps you to control the capital status of the group through the unified accounting of the capital ownership cost of the group. Through the prior budgeting, ongoing control, and post analysis of the capital, it helps you to increase the utility of the capital.

Implementing the group financial report management to help to provide timely, accurate financial reports

The group financial management solution guarantees the timeliness, truthfulness, and accuracy of the group financial report through the establishment of a unified and standard financial report system. It can adapt to the structural changes of the group organization and the accountability level as well as the requirements of information summary and analysis, responding to the fast-paced transformation of the group. It helps to establish the offset combination processing mechanism of the internal current transactions, streamlining the complex issues. It provides group flash reports and dynamic reports, satisfying the automatic and complete processing of the management reports by the group.


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