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MQ Message Middleware

The Apusic MQ message middleware is a product developed by Shenzhen Kingdee Middleware Company Ltd. ("Kingdee Middleware") based on years of development. It adopts Java in its development, supports all mainstream OSs and hardware platforms. At the same time, it provides the multi-lingual invoking interface and the secure and reliable transmission of messages, and can select the optimum route according to the network load. Its most distinctive feature is that it can be tightly integrated with the application server.

The Apusic MQ message middleware implements all basic functions of the message middleware. Meanwhile, it also includes an array of enhanced features, and is a product that can fully satisfy customer requirements. It solves the large-capacity, fast, and stringent message transmission requirements.

Features of Apusic MQ Message Middleware:

1. Use Java in development, fully implement the JMS 1.1 and the JND1 standards, and provide secure, reliable, and effective message transmission.

2. Support multiple OSs and hardware platforms.

3. Provide the invoking interface for C, C++, .Net, OCX, and other multiple languages.

4. Closely integrated with the application server.

5. Provide the message security mechanism to ensure the security of message transmission.

6. Provide the message compression algorithm.

7. The flexible message storage mechanism to enable the storage of messages in the file, built-in Berkley DB or the gateway database through JDBC.

8. Support remote queue and the direct local acquisition of the messages on the remote queue.

9. Support message splitting to split a large message into several small messages for sending. It is able to transmit messages of dozens of gigabits.

10. Support break-point resuming.

11. Support cluster to sustain a heavy load of concurrent requests, avoiding single point fault.

12. Provide 7 x 24 services.

13. Support zero management for cluster queues. It needs to only send off one local queue and it can be used by any node of the cluster.

14. Support the layered topic naming and the multi-topic subscription functions which can implement the features that cannot be implemented in the single-topic subscription mode.

15. Innovative algorithm
15.1 Intelligent routing technology in cluster environment.
15.2 Message intelligent distribution technology in cluster environment (anti-grabbing algorithm).


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