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Studio Development Platform

The Apusic Studio development platform is a light-weight development platform based on the Eclispse. Through the outstanding tool support and the tight integration with the application server, it greatly reduces the learning curve of the J2EE application development, and improves the application development efficiency. It successfully solves the problems of quality, cycle, cost, and risk during the development, implementation, and maintenance of the software application through the outstanding framework support and basic components.

Features of Apusic Studio Development Platform:

Management of Application Server:
In the Apusic Studio, the Apusic application server can be connected to complete the management functions of the server, including configuration, deployment, and monitoring. In fact, the work is an indispensable part during the development. The organic integration of the work and the development process is a distinctive difference of the Apusic Studio from other development tools.

Management of J2EE Engineering:
The development of a J2EE application is a necessity for clear management of the entire engineering and high efficient development. The Apusic Studio uses a way of thinking close to the user in managing the engineering. It contains both the representation of the actual file structure of the entire engineering and of the J2EE module layers and component layers. It helps you master the structure of the entire engineering in different aspects. As a result, the development is smooth and in order.

Management of Deployment Description Files:
In J2EE, the deployment representation file provides a configuration path of the program. A certain configuration of the program can be acquired without modifying the codes. The format of the deployment representation file of the J2EE is usually highly complex, which is difficult for the user to remember, or remember it correctly. The Apusic Studio saves that troubles and worries. The configuration GUI enables the user to conveniently conduct configuration, without considering the format of the Xml configuration file. The Apusic Studio helps you with all those things, and then automatically generates the configuration file in the correct format in the background.

Support of Operation and Debugging:
For the development of any application, the user likes to execute his/her own codes at anytime, and see the effect generated by the codes at anytime. The successful execution of the codes will boost the confidence of the user, and strengthens his/her emotions positively. The Apusic Studio can help the user to execute his/her own J2EE applications at anytime.

Concerning the error in a complex application, it is difficult to find out the cause only with the symptom. In that regard, the debugging function is indispensable. The Apusic Studio supports the common Java debugging, and in addition, supports the break-point debugging of JSP and EJB. For JSP debugging, it supports the debugging of the Java code inside the <% ... %>. Furthermore, it can set break points in tag handler, EL expression, and other locations.

The powerful operation debugging capability of the Apusic Studio provides a strong guarantee for timely, correct development and execution of the application.

Web Development Environment:
The Apusic Studio provides the JSP, Servlet, and JSF development environment. Through the visualized design, grammar highlight, code supplement, break-point debugging, and other functions, it can improve the Web development efficiency greatly.

EJB Development Environment:
The EJB development environment of the Apusic Studio sharply reduces the development complexity of EJB. It enables the development of EJB in the same simple way as that of the common POJO. The EJB management function provided by the Apusic Studio permits conveniently adding, deleting, and modifying the EJB business method, and setting the transaction properties of the EJB business method. The user does not need to consider the issues of the component interface of the method and the synchronization of the bean implementation class, and the issue of changing the deployment description file. He needs only to focus on what he should take care of.

Simple Development of J2EE Applications:
In the case of manually writing a complicated EAP from the beginning to the end, with a Web module, an EJB module, multiple Servlets, Listeners, Filters, and EJBs, most people would consider it a profoundly sophisticated thing. Even though you are very familiar with the entire process, you will be daunted at its complexity. With the Apusic Studio, the whole process will become smooth. In addition to guide by a wizard at each stage in quickly getting the job done, the details of the process will be taken care of by the Studio. Whenever you need to complete a function, you can always find it right at your hand. It makes you feel that EAR development is not a burden any more. But rather, it is an enjoyment.

Optimum Practice of Extreme Programming:
The Apusic Studio supports extreme programming (XP) with tools, including the support of the test drive and the support of refactoring. In the Apusic Studio, various test cases of J2EE components can be constructed easily. The refactoring of J2EE components will refactor the class files and configuration files at the same time.

Other Value-Added Services:
The Apusic Studio shows fully the technical savvy of Kingdee Middleware. It provides a number of value-added services. For example, the Java obfuscator compiler Jocky bundled with the Apusic Studio is a unique obfuscator compiler based on Java source codes of Kingdee Middleware. It can generate highly obfuscated irreversible binary class files, which protect to a certain degree the commercial investment of the customer. All services and the Apusic Studio are provided to the J2EE users of the country.  


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