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Words from Customers
"We are looking for a fully feature solution that is tailored for the China market. We couldn't have chosen other brands but Kingdee, which offers much more compliant products and reliable service."
Thomas Cheng, Assistant General Manager,New World Telecom (Shanghai) Limited

"Two years down the road, I'm still satisfied. Kingdee's local knowledge was really good for our operation. Kingdee knew more about what we needed than we did."
Suk Wah Kwok, CIO,Aon Hong Kong

"We witnessed Kingdee's growth in the latest 10 years, as well as Kingdee ERP's development and future direction. Our core reports have 700 accounts and 90% of these accounts are in Kingdee K/3 now. Last year, Kingdee developed an independent report system, which contributes greatly to the financial data integration and information gathering of our Group."
Liu Wei Mo, Vice President,China Merchant Group
"We are assured of a speedy return on investment. Another critical advantage is that we now have a technology platform to link all our regional offices. This makes inter-office communication easier and integrates all our operations. Kingdee has given us excellent service and support."
Mary Tay, General Manager of Pan Sun Hardware Pte. Ltd.
"In the home appliance electronic controller industry, competition among enterprises is not only based on price and quality, but also more importantly, on the speed and efficiency, which needs the support of a strong IT infrastructure,"
Liu Wei Mo, Vice President,China Merchant Group
"We're very happy with the Kingdee solution, both from the standpoint of the project implementation and in terms of the quality of the system and solution for our business environment. We will strongly consider implementing Kingdee at our China operations at some point in future."
Eric Esser, Managing Director, Metallkraft Singapore Pte Ltd.
"We're satisfied with the total cost of ownership (TCO) and price performance ratio of K/3 system, and fast for implementation that wins us time to do more productive work. It helps our people to increase productivity, and allows us to follow up on the work schedule more accurately,"
Bertrand De Waegeneire, CFO, Lesaffre Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.