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The information-based solution of group strategic HR management of Kingdee focuses on the construction in two directions: first of all, support and mobilize the implementation of enterprise strategic HR management through advanced information applications; secondly, relieve the conflict between power distribution and power centralization in HR management of the group through advanced information applications.

The theory of strategic HR management is aimed to create the competence-based qualification system, the recruitment and training system, and the assessment and incentive system that centers on performance management, in order to help the enterprise construct the core organization capability, and fuse employment improvement and enterprise development strategy. The expected result is that the capability, thinking, and business implementation of the employees are concordant with the strategic implementation of the enterprise. The thorough implementation of the enterprise strategy is then guaranteed and mobilized.

In the ongoing HR management, the transaction-oriented business accounts for an excessive amount of time and energy of the HR personnel, which lead to the difficulty in fully implementing strategic HR management. Concerning this issue, the non-HR personnel are more often than not standers-by, weakening the already insufficient strategic HR implementation. The information flow between different HR business blocks is clogged, rendering uncertainty of the HR management.

The corporate management of the group is even more complex. The distribution of subsidiary organizations is discrete, and consequently leads to difficulty in instant management. It causes the conflict between distribution and centralization of power in group management. In a word, it becomes a paradox – a tight hand in management turns the group into a stagnant pond, while a loose hand causes disorder of the group. The internal communication cost of the group is relatively high, and the implementation of group strategy cannot be guaranteed.

Information-Based Total Solution of Group Strategic HR Management of Kingdee

The information-based total solution of group strategic HR management of Kingdee takes strategic HR management as design theory and is grounded on competence, with such functions as position management, employee management, salary management, time management, performance management, training, benefits, and recruitment. It supports the HR management business of the enterprise in a systematic and complete manner.

The information-based solution of group strategic HR management of Kingdee supports the interaction of competence, position system, training course system, and staff information. It uplifts the very basics of managing the number of employees in the past to manage the talents database currently. The training of talents becomes more professional and more specific. Inthe meantime, the fusion between budget management and position system, salary, and performance management effectively supports the implementation of 3P management. In addition, it changes the simple salary calculating function to an in-depth analysis and control & management of salary. It has a far-reaching significance for the group. The fusion between performance management and position system can atomize the assessment objective level by level till the atomized objectives are linked with the specific responsibility owners. By so doing, it guarantees the implementation of the strategy. Performance management also interacts with training, tightly integrated with work implementation ad capability improvement. Meanwhile, it is coalesced with the external business systems to import business data as objective assessment references. The assessment can be performed by organization or individual. In that case, the tight bond between personal performance and organization performance strengthens the turnover of the team. In all, the problem that the conventional functional blocks are independent and lack interaction is properly addressed. It helps the enterprise to achieve systematic HR management.

The information-based solution of the group strategic HR management of Kingdee is designed with an orientation to the full membership of the enterprise, and is applied to three different groups of people at three layers, strategy, management, and basic business. The solutions support from the HR affairs self-service and the intelligent alarm of HR affairs for the common employees at the ground level, then to the business planning for the HR management staff at the medium level, and eventually to the report query, commercial intelligent analysis and strategic management assistance for the senior management.

The group-oriented solution can be set in a singular or plural way, and supports the personalized settings of both group power distribution and centralization. It can enable personalized settings of functions, management scope, data operation authority, and the authority of upload, download, and query of the reports for different business organizations. It maximally protects the business flexibility, and inthe meantime, guarantees data security and the management & control capability of the senior management of the group.

The system can be applied to perform cross-regional management over the Internet, easily achieving remote control of the affairs far away. It can also be connected with the external mailbox system and personal mobile phones to implement mobile commercial applications, working anytime anywhere. The internal communication of the group becomes smooth, and the business process speeds up.

The information-based solution of group strategic HR management of Kingdee can implement seamless connection with the budget management, G/L, production, cash management, and capital management systems, assisting the group to achieve an overall integrated management of the group HR directions and an easy collaborative operation.

The information-based solution of group strategic HR management of Kingdee can powerfully support data interaction with the external systems. For example, the solution provides interfaces and the offer function of the upload/download of the related reports of the state HR affairs, organization & social benefits, bank, and taxation departments. As a result, the thorny problems of the upload of the reports of HR affairs, organization, CCP member, and early retirement/normal retirement are removed. The system supports interfaces with the external business systems such as the recruitment websites. It has a good openness.


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