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Group Collaboration Platform Management

Development Trend of Collaboration Platform Products

Initially, the development road of the collaboration system originated from the Lotus Notes system of Lotus in 1989. The entire 1990s was the nurturing concept period of the collaboration platform products. In that stage, the collaboration system was still growing with the development of the Email system, the Internet, and the Intranet of the enterprises and with the explosive application knowledge management. 

In the initial stage, as the collaboration products were extensively applied in offices, many people considered "collaboration software" a synonym of office automation (OA) software. In fact, OA is but part of the collaboration software. The two things are essentially different in terms of software functionality, application concept, and other aspects, and cannot be equated.

The collaboration platform system and the conventional OA system should be differentiated. Looking back at the birth and growth process of the collaboration productions, we find that the development of software procurement, information application construction, and IT planning of enterprises followed a common gradual orbit – starting from PC application, then gradually migrating to LAN, and eventually applying Internet-based applications. Likewise, information application construction needs to first be concerned about the information applications of the key business sectors, for example, financial system and supply chain. Today competition becomes intense and omnipresent. More and more enterprises are aware of the importance of platform products. The independent, isolated business systems should be integrated into an application platform, and need a unified information display. Driven with such a need, the collaboration platform products came into play.

Collaboration Platform Product Solution

Typical Applications of Kingdee EAS Collaboration Platform:

Single Sign-On (SSO)
The Single Sign-On (SSO) technology is an authentication and authorization mechanism. It allows the user to sign on to the system once and then access to other connected system without further sign-on.
The integration of authentication and authorization streamlines the "clearing" work for an employee who quits. The administrator does not need to track all systems and resources that the quitting employee might access. What he needs to do is just to delete the SSO account of the employee with a bingo.

Management Portal
As the unified platform for data collection, packaging, and releasing of the Enterprise Application Suite (EAS), the collaboration platform is oriented to the front-end users and provides the most accurate, most direct, and most effective system information, reports, and other management data as the key information of the enterprise operation decision making. It plays a critical role in each link of the enterprise. However, the reports and other operation management data are usually scattered in different specialized areas, which results in inconvenience of consolidating and acquiring. What's more, it poses some difficulties to the enterprise management in knowing about the operation dynamics and organization changes at the first moment possible.
The prompt and alert function of the management cockpit ensures the earliest discovery, subsequent analysis, and eventual solving of problems. The easy-to-use application mode is another guarantee of its true and full functionality.

Personalized Portal
After the user enters the EAS, he can define his own system interfaces and content according to the information and daily work content needed. The system helps the user to locate the content and operation needed on the EAS in the shortest time. Figuratively, the personalized portal is a face that reflects the first user experience and impression of the EAS. Meanwhile, the provisioning of the personalized functions shortens the time necessary for users to familiarize them with the system and speeds up the process of system acquaintance
The personalized portal provides each EAS user with a unique account to truthfully a "My Platform" to the user. With the personalized portal, the user can define his desktop of the My Platform according to the role and work content, and efficiently work on the personalized My Platform.

Search Engine
The management portal provides a full-text search engine to conduct full-text searching of the management portal information and business information.

Content Management
The content management function of the Kingdee EAS platform implements the work scenarios of the management, approving, and release of knowledge and information.

Mobile Application
The EAS mobile businessfunction provides the query, approving, and notification of daily events, supplemented with SMS alert and message center. It breaks the boundaries of time, space, and region, and enables the user to handle office issues at anytimeandanywhereand the enterprise to create more value.

Message Center
The work center of the management portal, the message center provides the work mode based on messages, implementing the work mode of "Issue goes to person" and improving the daily work efficiency. 

Process Center
The process center provides the functions of process query, user common process customization, process monitoring and process statistics analysis, and provides the process-driven work mode to the user. With the process center, the user can conveniently track and handle related work processes. Meanwhile, the process statistics analysis function can perform statistics collecting and analysis of the process efficiency, providing a data basis for the optimization of the process and the improvement of the process efficiency.

Business Collaboration
The business collaboration module provides the cost control process of the daily business, and at the same time, is integrated with the finance sector to achieve the full control and budget control of the expense business. Specifically, the business collaboration subsystem consists of the expense application process, loan process, and reimbursement process, and meanwhile, expands the business trip application process. In the business collaboration, the user can expand any administration approving bill through the self-defined work flow platform.

Conference Management
The full-process intelligent management of the conference is applicable to all conferences organized and managed in a unified manner by the office of the enterprise. The conference management function can release the notification by means of bulletin, instant message, and SMS, to deliver the conference schedule to the participants in a speedy way.

Document Management
Document management is based on workflow, integrates the work, document writing, and related management criteria, and requires multiple departments and related leaders to approve a certain document or application. It can handle the daily receipt and transfer of the daily documents of the enterprise. In addition, it can complete the application or approving of other issues, with the work scope covering a variety of different existing documents and events of the enterprise. Inthemeantime, the function provides an ease-of-use real-time monitoring mechanism to help the departments and leaders concerned to know about the implementation progress in time. The information of the flow and handling documents and approving comments of the document management function can be automatically filed in the document module for the reference of related personnel.

Online Forum
The online forum provides an interactive communication platform for the enterprise employees. The employees can discuss various issues of work and life here. The interactive communication of the employees enhances the integrity of the company. The online forum is set with a number of forum sections according to different themes, staffed with different forum administrators to manage the topics of the forum. The online forum provides the voting function. The initiator can select the voting mode, including anonymous voting, to visually reflect the opinions and views of the employees.

Material Management
Office stationery: This function is aimed to manage the office consumables of the company. It can manage the consumables in terms of classified definition, purchase, picking, loss, and inventory.

Customer Value of Collaboration Products

The collaboration platform shows the customer application value in four aspects: process center application, business collaboration application, management portal application, and KM application. The four applications are supporting and supplementary. On the basis of the EAS business system, they make the most out of the BOS emergency handling advantage, and heighten the application value on a unified platform. They provide a cross-organization, cross-region integrated work site through physical networks and business networks, and provide flexible application tools.

Process Consolidation
The process center of the EAS collaboration platform of Kingdee presents to all users the processes that are discrete in the complex enterprise business operations by authority and dimension in a centralized and unified manner. It suppresses a large amount of complex business operations for the user. Each user needs only to focus on his/her own workflow, and activate, maintain, search for, track, and control the work flow conveniently and quickly.
The business processes of the enterprise are diverse and sophisticated. The EAS process center provides a full-process statistical analysis tool of the enterprise. First, the tool is applied to analyze the progress, efficiency, quantity, distribution, and other key information of the process, and subsequently pack the information in the forms of graphics and report before it is presented to the user. The function will analyze the flow efficiency, discover in time the bottleneck of the process, and perform convenient statistical collection of the enterprise processes.

Service Consolidation
The EAS collaboration platform of Kingdee is a collaboration application platform for other business system, and in addition, is the centralized embodiment of the enterprise information systems. It provides the user with an option that based on the collaboration platform; it consolidates the discrete enterprise business systems to achieve the synergy of interaction and overall benefits. The business management systems of the enterprise are connected to the collaboration platform. Through the collaboration platform as a hub, the closely-knit entity is formed.

Management Portal
For the management staff of the enterprise, the management report and the management cockpit provided by EAS can help them to quickly and conveniently master the management data in different sectors, and preset the management indexes to visually monitor the operation. First of all, business data is collected, consolidated, and analyzed purposefully and selectively, and then converted into useful information for decision making. The converted information assists the decision makers at various levels of the enterprise to acquire insight into the business operations, and helps them to make more advantageous decisions to the enterprise.

Knowledge Management (KM)
KM is the management of the intangible assets, including CI, branding effect, customer relations, and HR assets. Knowledge contains implicit and explicit knowledge in the enterprise. The EAS collaboration platform helps penetrate knowledge to the links of enterprise operation, consolidating the explicit knowledge in a standard and process-based way, and quickening the conversion of the implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Various knowledge reports and measuring indexes are provided through the EAS collaboration platform, which solves the problems that KM construction cannot be recognized and the investment into knowledge by the enterprise cannot be quantified.


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