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Universal/Special Equipment Solution

Industry Background

The universal/special equipment industry refers to the industrial departments dealing with metal cutting machine tools, including agriculture machinery industry, construction machinery production industry, petro chemical industry, heavy mining machinery industry, machine tool industry, electrical appliance industry (excluding household appliance), universal base ware industry, food package machinery industry and other industries (excluding metalware used in architecture).

Nowadays, the scale of Chinese universal/special equipment industry is very large. Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) are widely applied in this industry. With the support of Product Data Management (PDM), the CAD/CAPP/CAM information integration and work process integration are realized. In this case, integration of PDM and ERP becomes an urgent demand.

In the global competition, the large-scaled production and cooperation between the enterprises in the supply chain push the enterprises into the speed competition. This requires a fast resetting of organization structure, service system and IT system. New management modes and methods have an increasing demand on the support of modern information technology.  

Industry Characteristics

Dispersed production

In the production, it follows the principle of “dispersion as the primary, flow as the secondary and material configuration as the important”.

Complex and various products

The products have a complex structure and often change their model and design. The project is changed frequently. The processing technique is complex and the processing period is long. The operation has many steps.

Flexible and diversified sales environments

For special equipment, it mainly uses production by order and meanwhile, uses design/assembly by order and make-to-stock product. For universal equipment, it mainly uses combination of production by order and make-to-stock product and meanwhile, uses design/assembly by order. According to the product structure and batch of production, the production falls into three modes: small batch production of single device, medium batch production of various kinds of devices and line production of large batch.

Complex plan management

In the production plan, the structure of product and the processing technique are complex and the manufacturing periods of different parts are different. The manufacturer wants to keep the configuration of product and timely delivery on one hand, and on the other hand, to reduce the overstock of WIPs. This makes the production plan management very complex. The manufacturer needs to calculate the production time according to the delivery time of each kind of product and arrange the input/output amount and time of components, parts and raw materials. The production needs different types of devices and technicians. It is difficult to balance their capabilities.

Dispersed management of production and purchase plan

In the manual and/or traditional management mode, the production plan is made by the production department and the purchase plan is made by the purchase department according to the production plan, material quota and production configuration list. The production plan uses a hierarchical management. The production department allocates the production tasks to the production workshop. The workshop breaks down the tasks to the configuration products according to the plan.


Based on the application by hundreds of thousands customers in China, Kingdee absorbs the successful application of K/3 in the universal/special equipment industry and summarizes the optimal service practice. It puts forward an advanced and complete K/3 information solution that suits to the feature of universal/special equipment industry. This solution meets the critical requirements of universal/special equipment industry. It focuses on the integration of information and optimization of service flow. It inherits the Kingdee’sadvantages in K/3 service flow self-definition, powerful MPS/MRP and cost management as well as "fast in configuration, implementation, application and effect”. It resolves the thorny problems in the management of universal/special equipment. It is the first choice for universal/special equipment industry in ERP implementation.

For the personalized requirements of universal/special equipment enterprises not covered by this solution, Kingdee K/3 BOS provides a fast development application platform. The enterprise can implement the secondary development fast to form a personalized scheme.

Planning Management

MPS/MRP operation and capability plan resolves the problems of rough plan and poor execution. It optimizes the production plan, outsourcing plan and purchase plan, ensures a timely and proper production and purchase, and improves the plan execution ratio by using the throughput effectively.  

MPS/MRP: The user can select a plan scheme according to the parameters provided in the scheme, such as demand, calculation, consolidation, issue, warehouse and other. The user can set the parameters according to their own service logic. The operation scheme is very flexible. It can meet the requirements of different enterprises in order production, order design, order assembly and make-to-stock product.

Scientific plan strategy: The plan considers many order factors, including secure inventory, purchase or production period, upper limit of purchase amount, all inventory, WIP and in-transit information. This ensures that the requirement time and amount of plan are accurate and executable, avoiding rough plan and poor execution in manual mode. For the existing order, the system gives addition, reducing, advance or delay proposal. In this way, it makes the plan order more scientific and feasible, saves money, facilitates the turnover of inventory fund and improves the utility of capital.

Workshop Production Management

Realize limited issuing/picking control through issue simulation, material staging and operation management, thus to control production progress, eliminate postponed production, and reduce material consumption and production cost.

Sales Management

It simulates the cost analysis and instructs the quotation. Through query of delivery date and Available To Promise (ATP), it can make a commitment to the customer quickly, thus to improve customer satisfaction. Through the contract collection plan and execution report, it implements the installmentcollection control and facilitates the fund reflowing of enterprise.

Purchase Management

Provide management of prices quoted by vendors to strictly control supply prices and reduce purchase costs; make purchase plan through the plan system and purchase based on the purchase plan, strictly control supply quantities through material purchase receipt upper/lower limit to decrease inventory; strictly control vendors and supply quality through vendor estimation and purchase inspection.

Cost Management

Costing automatically collects warehouse, production and financial data and calculates cost of parts and every type of work, product and workshop to refine management and help the enterprise reduce costs.

Product Data Management

Meet product standardization, serialization and generalization requirements by multi-configuration and configuration rules, and improve working efficiency; By engineering changing control, you can keep accuracy and retrospection of engineering data, strengthen enterprise management base; integrate PDM and K/3 data, open up computer-aided design, computer-aided process and computer-aided management, realize data sharing among systems, improve system efficiency and prompt responds to customer demands.


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