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Electronic Equipment Solution

Industry Background

Electronic equipment industry is engaged in the electronic whole equipment manufacturing, which is an important part of the electronic information industry. Electronic equipment has found wide applications in various sectors, including PCs and peripherals, communication equipments (like mobile phone, telephone and switch), digital consumption equipments (like the digital camera and MP3 player), display and output devices (like the LCD, printer and scanner) and industrial units (like the transformer, high-voltage switch and electronic tester/meter). Electronic equipment contains rich contents of science and technology, yields high added value and has good economic performance.

Nowadays, electronic equipment manufacturing is a sunrise industry. Its market and industry standard both getting mature. Its products have a tendency to low costs, commercialization and popularization. In addition, it pays more attention to energy conservation, environmental protection and integration into international standards. With its development, electronic equipment industry may break through single manufacturing scope and develops the service-driven mode.

Industry Characteristics

As a typical discrete manufacturing industry, electronic equipment has the following characteristics in products, management and operation:

Fast product update

This industry is characterized with fast science and technology development, fierce market competition, short product lifecycle and large investment in new product R&D.

High requirements for after-sales services

Electronic equipment yields a high added value and has high requirements for after-sales service management. In general, you need tomake stock S/N management, to meet demands for after-sales service trace.

Multiple sales configuration solutions

This industry is characterized with multiple personalized customer demands and multi-type & small-batch production. In general, there should be a product configuration solution base, which allows you to make flexible configuration based on customer demands, provide quotations and arrange subsequent operations.

High engineering change frequency

Due to changes of customer demands, product design process drawbacks and product improvement, there are frequent engineering changes in this industry.

Long international purchase period

It is necessary to import some raw materials for electronic equipment. Therefore, a long purchase period imposes an important limit on the accuracy of planning.

Great difficulty in substitution management

It is common to make substitution in this industry due to cost, quality and delivery. However, there are too many problems to deal with on manual conditions due to various materials and complex substitution.

Many material kitting problems

The electronic equipment manufacturing focuses on the assembly and most spare parts are purchased or outsourced. Therefore, this industry is characterized with small-manufacture and big-assembly. The material kitting completeness is a key factor in smooth production.

Small possibility of cost reduction

There is little room for cost reduction due to large proportions of cost materials and fixed costs in electronic equipment.


The Kingdee K/3 ERP provides a whole set of advanced and integrated information solutions in line with electronic equipment characteristics, based on wide practice for tends of thousands of customers across China, and in conjunction with successful applications in more than one hundred electronic equipment enterprises.

The Electronic Equipment Solution, tailored to electronic equipment, brings Kingdee K/3 process customization, MPS/MRP, cost management and other advantages into full play, and perfects planning management, purchase management, manufacturing management, sales management, outsourcing management, warehouse management, cost management and quality management. It effectively resolves puzzles and difficulties in the electronic equipment industry, and is the best choice to implement information technology applications in the electronic equipment industry.

Sales Management

The Electronic Equipment Solution manages the whole sales process from quotation, order, delivery, stock-out, return, to billing. In addition, it supports multiple sales types (like cash sales, account sales, consignment and installment collection). It also provides customer management, customer BOM configuration, simulated cost analysis, price and discount management and credit management, and makes real-time monitoring and management of corporate sales activities.

Planning Management

The planning management system of Electronic Equipment Solution can be applied in multiple planning modes: production based on sale, planning in fast response to market demands and planned production based on forecast. The effective and complete planning management system divides market demands into POs, MOs and outsourcing MOs at a fast speed. It ensures performable market demands, reduces the product delivery period and guarantees effective operation of sales, production, outsourcing and purchase from the viewpoints of material supply balance (primary) and PC balance (secondary).

Purchase Management

The Electronic Equipment Solution implements the whole process from purchase request, PO management, material inspection, material stock-in, to purchase settlement. It helps enterprises set up integrated vendor management platforms and manage vendors from the viewpoints of quality, price, delivery, rate of delivery on time and service level, along with vendor supply information, vendor price management, vendor quota management and vendor evaluation. Therefore, it can ensure profits of enterprises through cheap purchase, control and trace logistics and cash flows, and manage enterprise material supply information well.

Manufacturing Management

The Electronic Equipment Solution assists enterprises with MO confirmation & release, material kitting inspection, material staging and picking, production inspection and report, product stock-in and MO closing. It provides transaction management (like MO arrangement, production material staging management, MO change & adjustment and workshop material management) and helps enterprises make effective production monitoring and control.

Outsourcing Management

It is known that electronic equipment enterprises have more and more outsourcing transactions. In this case, the Electronic Equipment Solution can help these enterprises make overall outsourcing management involving manufacturer selection, request for quotation, progress control, management of processing expenses payable, outsourced material, returned finished products, inspection & stock-in and cost management.

Quality Management

The Electronic Equipment Solution provides overall quality management and control involving vendor evaluation, purchase inspection, operation inspection, outsourcing operation inspection, product inspection, outsourcing receipt inspection, delivery inspection, return inspection, sample management, quality accident handling, production lot tracking and customer complaint handling. It helps enterprises trace and improve the product quality.

Cost Management

The K/3 Electronic Equipment Solution follows the cost concept of “object oriented expense” and provides costing methods like the varietal method, batch process and process costing in the traditional actual cost system. To facilitate scrap cost analysis of electronic equipment, it offers cost accumulation and costing for repairable and unrepairable scraps, and provides the Scrap Loss Details and Scrap Loss Summary to analyze scrap losses.

It provides a standard cost control system for enterprises with better master management. It also combines cost objects, cost items and expense elements to make expense accumulation, allocation and calculation in cost management. In addition, it offers cost forecast, pricing policy, cost analysis, cost-quantity-profit analysis and cost appraisal, to promote further development and cost reduction.


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