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Electronic Parts & Components Solution

Industry Background

The electronic parts & components industry is fractionized into electronic parts and electronic components industries. Electronic parts involve electronic vacuum parts and photoelectron parts; electronic components involve printed circuit boards, electronic sensitive components and sensors.

In recent years, the electronic industry keeps developing rapidly in China and drives the fast development of the electronic parts & components industry. China has been the main international manufacturing base of electronic parts & components such as loudspeaker, aluminum electrolysis capacitor, kinescope, printed circuit board and semiconductor separated component. The electronic parts & components industry is developing towards ultrastructure, slice, modular, digital, multifunction, intelligent, greenness, high-frequency, high-speed, high-reliability and low power consumption.

Industry Characteristics

Diversified enterprise competitions

Competitions at the strategy layer mainly focus on customers, market share, new products and new technologies; those at the tactics layer mainly focus on price, market channel, manufacturing efficiency, order delivery date and product quality.

Scale-oriented industry development

The industrial standards of this industry have been mature, the technology commercialization speed is fast, so the product manufacturing conversion is fast, the manufacturing efficiency is high and the market products are in low cost and popular.

Multiple online manufacturing batches

Mixed manufacturing mode is mainly employed by the manufacturing procedure of the electronic parts & components enterprises, products are processed in batches, the manufacturing procedure is in the flow unit of batch, the online manufacturing batches are multiple and the online control becomes the main function of the manufacturing.

Difficult planning management

The customers of the industry are almost VIP customers (whole equipment vendors) so it is important to get along with these customers in enterprise customer management; the order quantity plan is poor, which is represented by urgent releasing, unequal quantity and high requirements.

High percentage of R&D investment

Electronic parts & components is a technical industry, the product technical value determines the competitive capability of the enterprise products and the technology innovation is the significant basis for enterprise development.

Strict product quality control

It monitors the quality of the vendor and makes the overall evaluation for the manufacturing capability, design capability, information technology capability, enterprise strategy and culture to ensure the vendor quality.

Traceable quality

The actual effect of electronic parts & components influences that of the whole electronic equipment and the electronic parts & components is required to work in various tough working environments so the requirements for quality and reliability of the electronic parts & components are high. Generally, customers require the electronic parts & components enterprise to trace the qualities of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. The electronic parts & components enterprise pays much attention to the quality control process and strictly controls each node of the product quality through the lot management for the logistics and manufacturing procedure. In addition, the enterprise attaches great importance to the manufacturing and delivery of the outsourcing production and makes out a strict standard system for quality inspection.


Based on the industry application experiences and abundant practices of hundreds of thousands of customers, the K/3 refers to the internationally advanced informatization cases, combines the experiences and multiple original customers and abstracts a suite of advanced and integrated informatization overall solution that meets the features of electronic parts & components industry. This solution involves the integrated solutions of the following functional modules: master data management, sales & collection management, planning management, purchase & payment management, MO management, shop floor control, outsourcing management, equipment management, warehouse management, inventory accounting, cost management, financial accounting management, assets management, capital management, budget management, decision supporting and BOS application platform.

Sales Management

It manages the complete sales process of quotation, order, delivery, stock-out, goods return and billing, supports multiple sales types such as cash sales, credit, consignment sales and installment, provides customer management, price & discount management (including price management in various periods) and credit management, as well as monitors and manages the sales procedure in real time.

Planning Management

It employs the average forecast & offset, scheme settings and MPS calculation for customer orders and sales forecast, combines the rough - cut capacity planning of the key working center, confirms releasing of the planned orders, alternative material, plan adjustment and cancellation proposal of condition change after the plan is released and breaks them down into the specific Master Production Schedule (MPS) inside the enterprise. As a branch of the MPS, the material requirement plan (MRP) concerns the sub-level of materials and the operation logic is identical MPS.

Meanwhile, it combines detailed capacity plans of all working centers and breaks them down into the specific purchase and MOs in the enterprise. The plan management enables orders to be executable and ensures the purchase and manufacturing are conducted on demand.

Purchase Management

It manages the complete purchase process of purchase requisition, order, arrival, stock-in, purchase inspection, goods return and billing, and offers purchase price management, vendor supply information management, lot number management and barcode management to effectively trace and control the whole course of the purchase module.


It manages the whole course of MO confirmation and releasing, material kitting inspection, material staging & picking, manufacturing inspection & report, product stock-in and MO closed, offers MO arrangement, manufacturing material staging management, MO change & adjustment and workshop material management, and assists the enterprise in effectively monitoring and controlling the manufacturing.

Quality Management

It offers the overall quality management and control for vendor evaluation, purchase inspection, operation inspection, outsourcing operation inspection, product inspection, outsourcing receipt inspection, delivery inspection, goods return inspection, sample management, quality accident handling and customer complaint handling, and helps the enterprise trace the quality and improve the product quality.

Cost Management

It follows the basic cost concept of object-oriented expense, and offers the traditional costing methods such as varietal method, batch method, process method and classification method under the actual cost system. Meanwhile, it offers the standard cost method for the enterprise with good master management, and combines the cost object, cost item and element expense to implement the expense collection, allocation and calculation in the cost management. In addition, it offers the cost forecast, pricing decision, cost analysis, cost-quantity-profit analysis and cost appraisal to provide basis to explore the enterprise potential and reduce the cost.


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