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Milestones and Roadmap


In 2011, Kingdee Health Care and Medical Software Technology Co., Ltd is established, announced its entry into the medical market.


In 2011, Kingdee announced to build “China Management Cloud”.


In 2011, Kingdee was awarded “CAPITAL Outstanding ERP Solutions Provider Award” by CAPITAL Magazine.


In 2011, Kingdee KIS International is released.


In 2010, Kingdee acquired real estate software provider Jama.


In 2010, Kingdee has become the first Chinese Platinum member of The Open Group, had a seat in The Open Group’s Governing Board and be a key participant in the Architecture Forum.


In 2010, Kingdee acquired PLM solution provider ProWay


In 2010, Kingdee set up its first R&D center in Singapore and recognized Singapore as an important ICT hub in the region.


In 2010, Kingdee was awarded “No. 1 market share of ERP solutions for SMEs for six consecutive years” by IDC


In 2010, Kingdee and IBM formed a team and provide integrated enterprise application software and services for enterprises in China.


In 2010, Kingdee acquired Firstsoft and announced collaboration management platform.


In 2010, Premier Wen Jiabao visited Kingdee Software Park. Premier Wen was accompanied by about 50 officials of the Government of the People's Republic of China. These officials included CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Member and Secretary of Guangdong Province Committee Wang Yang; Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong; Guangdong Province Committee Member and Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee Wang Rong; Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin.


In 2010, Kingdee & CCTV proudly present The Power of Corporations (TV Documentary Co-produced by Kingdee).


In 2010, Kingdee Apusic cloud computing platform v2.0 is released.


In 2010, Kingdee hosted High-level Chinese Enterprise Management Summit 2010 and announced Chinese Management Model Award Winners


In 2010, Kingdee acquired catering industry software provider Eatsun.


In 2009, Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. held a stone laying ceremony for Beijing Kingdee Software Park to indicate the beginning of another key high-tech project in Beijing. This park aims to accommodate a world-class management think tank.


In 2009, the leading Chinese software company, Kingdee Middleware, released its holistic solution to support SOA, the Kingdee Apusic V6 middleware series.


In 2009, to enhance its capabilities in the finance and tax sector, Kingdee International Software Group merged with Nanjing Tongmeng Software Systems, a software supplier offering integrated finance and tax services. This merger marks the third intra-industry takeover by Kingdee in the first half of 2009.


In 2009, Kingdee released the long-awaited Kingdee KIS V10.0, the first management software that integrates finance and business services for domestic SMEs.


In 2009, Kingdee Middleware established a subsidiary in Shanghai as part of its national expansion strategy. The Shanghai Innovative Infrastructure Software Symposium and Founding Ceremony of Shanghai Kingdee Middleware took place in the same year.


In 2009, Shenzhen Kingdee Software Park made its debut in the Shenzhen High-Tech Park, following the opening of Shanghai Kingdee Software Park in December 2007.


In 2009, the founding ceremony of The Open Group China, TOGAF9.0 Enterprise Architecture, and SOA Reference Architecture Symposium was held in Beijing. Kingdee was selected to oversee The Open Group China.


In 2009, Kingdee launched a 3G mobile ERP. Based on the 3G portal, the Kingdee 3G mobile ERP is powered by the Kingdee management software series and employs smart phones as application clients over 3G radio networks to help customers manage their businesses anytime and anywhere. This product marks another milestone for Kingdee’s success in the mobile market since 2005.


In 2009, Kingdee took over Shenzhen Shangqi Software.


In 2009, Kingdee Middleware established its Beijing subsidiary. The founding ceremony marked a great leap forward for Kingdee Middleware, which is poised to set the domestic middleware market ablaze.


In 2008, Kingdee International, a leader in the domestic software industry, unveiled its three-year development strategy in Beijing and its shift in orientation from products to services. This helped Kingdee promote its image as a management expert and develop its cutting-edge on-line management and e-commerce service platform.


In 2008, the Kingdee Small Enterprise Division set up the first cooperation team with the KIS Service Center among eight Kingdee-led organizations to transform the KIS into a service-based product.


In 2008, Kingdee Middleware officially released its next generation software integrating enterprise frame, the Apusic Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware. As described in the Gartner report, this helped Kingdee enter the ranks of the 19 global vendors capable of providing the next generation SOA service. The Apusic ESB product has helped Kingdee further improve its Apusic SOA strategic system and enhance its overall competitiveness.


In 2008, www.youshang.com, an offshoot website of Kingdee International Software, released its latest information security service product, the USB-Key. Featuring the strongest banking security and hardware auxiliary equipment in the industry, the USB-Key marked Kingdee’s breakthrough in the SaaS security solution, opening a new chapter for SaaS and in particular enterprise on-line management services. As a result, Kingdee became positioned to fully expand its SME coverage.


In 2008, www.youshang.com, an offshoot website of Kingdee International Software, supplied SaaS on-line management to the accounting sector for the first time, providing on-line accounting services for all individual accountants across China.


In 2008, Kingdee International Software donated RMB1.81 million in relief aid after the catastrophic Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. The donation was made through the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the Red Cross Society of China.


In 2007, Kingdee officially entered the e-commerce service market after becoming IBM’s global strategic partner. Kingdee was thus the first domestic management software enterprise to enter the e-commerce and SaaS markets.


In 2007, Kingdee’s first invention patent was granted in China, thus showcasing and protecting Kingdee’s technological capabilities. By the end of 2007, Kingdee had obtained over 60 registered trademarks domestically and globally, owned copyright of 130 pieces of computer software, owned 3 design patents, and had applied for over 80 invention patents.


In 2007, the Shanghai Kingdee Software Park was opened in Shanghai. Ten of Kingdee’s subsidiaries, R&D centers, and management organizations could now enter east China from Shanghai and raise the company’s contribution to information construction in Shanghai and east China.


In 2007, Kingdee co-sponsored the 2007 China Enterprise Management Summit in the Shanghai International Convention Center with the China-Europe International Business School.


In 2007, the on-line accounting and business management platform, youshang (www.youshang.com) was launched with the aim of attracting partners and offering business services for companies to form a high-quality industry chain. The website serves as a reliable e-business portal.


In 2007, Kingdee KIS V1.0, the first Windows Vista-based enterprise management software, provided optimized service systems for customers to expand their market shares and increase profits.


In 2007, Kingdee Standard Implementation Tool V2.0 was highly praised by on-line staff and signified the birth of the Kingdee Standard Implementation Management System. The tool demonstrated that Kingdee’s project implementation and management capabilities had decisively reached industry requirements.


In 2007, Kingdee merged with Beijing Hongjing Technology, setting the stage for Kingdee to become the industry leader. The merger helped Kingdee deliver innovative management measures and technological platforms for fiscal reform and information construction, and pave the way for the Government Fiscal Management Information System (GFMIS).


In 2007, the Kingdee-IBM Technology Conference popularized the SOA. The Kingdee Technology Conference, which is held in Beijing every two years, remains the largest and longest-running technology conference in the domestic management software industry. In the 2007 conference, Kingdee cooperated with IBM to showcase SOA’s bright future in the ERP field.


In 2007, IBM partnered with the Lehman Brothers to buy 7.7% of Kingdee International’s stock. The strategic partnership between IBM and Kingdee helped enhance its domestic and global strength, and positioned Kingdee as a world leading software company.


In 2007, the Kingdee K/3V10.4 passed the Microsoft "Certified for Windows Vista" program test and received Windows Vista Logo certification. Kingdee became the first domestic ERP software provider to obtain Windows Vista Logo certification.


In 2007, Kingdee successfully released EASV5.2.2, V5.3 and internal V5.4 versions. These products helped increasing Kingdee’s product range, brand equity, and the image of domestic high-end management software.


In 2007, Shenzhen Kingdee Software Accessories became a recognized High-Tech Enterprise and Software Enterprise.


In 2006, Kingdee released the new logo of the "Kingdee ERP" product family, which heightens the exclusiveness and individuality of the Kingdee brand.


In 2005, Kingdee was officially listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx). (Stock Code: 268)


In 2004, the construction of the Kingdee R&D Center, with an area of 20,000 sq. m., started in Shenzhen.


In 2004, Kingdee set up permanent business representative offices in Silicon Valley and New York respectively.


In 2004, Kingdee became the first Java middleware manufacturer in China that has passed the J2EE Certification.


In 2004, Kingdee passed the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level-4 appraisal.


In 2004, Kingdee released the new product logo, which embodies its internationalization and the pursuit for innovation.


In 2003, Kingdee released Kingdee Enterprise Application Suite (EAS), a new product oriented to the high-end industry application and personalized requirement.


In 2002, Kingdee passed the CMM Level 3 appraisal.


In 2001, Kingdee set up the Kingdee Silicon Valley Representative Office.


In 2001, Kingdee International Software Group Company (H.K.) Ltd. was founded.


In 2001, Kingdee was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 8133)


In 2000, Kingdee ranked first in the Chinese ERP market. (Source: CCW report)


In 2000, Kingdee released Apusic, the first ever Chinese proprietary middleware product that fully supports the J2EE standards.


In 1999, Kingdee shifted on its strategic from financial software to ERP, which marked the second leap in the development history of the company.


In 1999, International Data Group (IDG) invested RMB10 million into Kingdee again.


In 1999, Kingdee released the Kingdee 2000 financial software and the K/3 ERP enterprise management software.


In 1999, Kingdee became the first domestic company that had passed the ISO9002 International Quality Accreditation.


In 1998, Kingdee rolled out the Kingdee K/3 ERP, the first enterprise resource planning and management system of China.


In 1998, Kingdee absorbed venture capital RMB10 million from IDG.


In 1993, Shenzhen Aipu Computer Limited and American Chinese Ms. Zhao Xiyan founded a joint venture named Kingdee.


In July, 1991, Mr. Xu Shaochun founded Shenzhen Aipu Computer Limited.


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