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Kingdee BOS is a business-oriented and open integration and application platform. The Kingdee Business Operation System (BOS) is a technical platform of the ERP solution, cooperative partner solution, and customized applications. It helps enterprises to design, build, implement, and execute flexibly and quickly the on-demand ERP system, and collaborates seamlessly with the existing IT infrastructure. It provides on-demand ERP solutions for different enterprises at different application phases.

The Kingdee ERP system based on the Kingdee BOS follows the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and consists of four components:

Technical Model for Kingdee BOS Platform

Business process

The system is capable of adding or modifying the business process at any time, according to actual situations of an enterprise. The enterprise users can conveniently view the route, processing status, and participant of each business process. Thus, the user operation becomes easier and more visual.

Business service

Business service is the standard realization of universal business logic. The system can rapidly add or modify business services and perform flexible assembly according to enterprise situations, so as to form a business process complying with enterprise requirements.

Basic platform

The basic platform screens various technical details about bottom storage, calculation and transmission by means of encapsulation, to effectively reduce the complexity of system integration and application deployment

The Kingdee BOS products boast of the following features:

  • Fast Configuration of Standard Functions
  • Fast Customization of Personalized Demands
  • Fast Integration of Heterogeneous Systems
  • Fast Configuration of Standard Functions
Configurable Application Mode

The Kingdee ERP provides flexible management over the basic policies. Through the configuration of accounts, management policies, and other master data and system parameters, it can effectively support the multiple management modes of the medium- and large-sized enterprises, including operation control mode, strategic control mode, and financial control mode. Personalized configuration can be implemented according to the management mode of enterprises, and the complicated, redundant management modules can be eliminated. According to seven different organization structure dimensions (namely, administrative organization, financial organization, purchase organization, sales organization, cost center, and HR organization), the basic data management solution (commonly owned by the group, allowed to be invoked by the subordinate companies, or managed by the subordinate companies) can be flexibly configured under the management mode of the group. It effectively solves the management problem that a tight grip makes the company “dead” (rigid, inefficient operation) and yet a loose rein leads to a “scattered” (uncontrolled, unproductive operation) situation in the past group management solutions.

Configurable Business Process

The ERP system is usually delivered to the user in a pre-defined model. Thus on one hand, the software system cannot address the personalized demands of the enterprise management process, and on the other hand, once the enterprise information management system is implemented completely, the enterprise will encounter substantive challenges in restructuring the organization structure, production process, and business process when it needs to do so. The business process management based on the Kingdee ERP can help implement the personalized configuration of the enterprise management process and the process optimization during system operation.

The Kingdee ERP system can be driven by a configurable process to query the process rules, process route, process handling status, and all participants of the process of each business task of the group.

The Kingdee ERP system can eliminate the process blind spots through monitoring and optimizing each business handling processes. In that way, the process bottleneck is eliminated, and the visualized management of the process can be achieved.

Configurable GUI

The Kingdee ERP provides a portal access framework to configure the personalized GUI of different roles. After the user enters the ERP, he/she can apply directly the personalized portal according to different posts and responsibilities, or even customize the personalized portal. The user can locate the contents and operations needed in the ERP system immediately and shorten the time that it takes him/her to familiar with the system.
Fast Customization of Personalized Demands

According to the 7-2-1 principle of the industry, 70% of the management or core business and information-based contents of an enterprise shall be covered by our solutions and products or their combinations. 20% of the personalized demands shall be satisfied by business restructuring consulting, secondary development, and customized development or collaborative products. The remaining 10% of the further demands shall be addressed jointly by the customer and us. For enterprise users, especially for some industry users, there are personalized demands apart from common demands. For example, the medical circulation industry needs GSP management; the pharmaceutical industry needs GMP management; while the real estate industry has its own characteristic cost accounting mode. For many industry users, the industry criteria and specialized characteristics are the keys of their business. When the conventional ERP is applied to implement customization and self-development in order to satisfy the personalized demands of the customer, it cannot achieve satisfied results in terms of cost, efficient and risk. The investment into management software is like a black hole that eats up the IT capital of the enterprise, while the enterprise looks at the fleeting market opportunities without capturing any of them. In the Kingdee ERP product solution, the Kingdee BOS can quickly implement the personalized demands of the enterprise and the industry business system customization.

User-definable Industry Personalized Demands

In the Kingdee ERP system, different business components can be flexibly assembled and invoked. Concerning some complicated business processing logics, for example, promotion management and credit management, new business components can be developed quickly with the Kingdee BOS integrated development environment, and can collaborate seamlessly with the complements in the business component library.

User-definable Enterprise Personalized System

In some industry in-depth application fields, many software vendors are customizing continuously a variety of management systems for the principal industry customers. The introduction of a new system will add a new “information isolated island”. A large number of industry systems should be integrated with the ERP before the ERP system can work normally. Secondly, some industries develop rapidly. No management software that truly fits in with their industry characteristics is available in the market.


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