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Cross Industry Solutions

Group HR

The information-based solution of group strategic HR management of Kingdee focuses on the construction in two directions: first of all, support and mobilize the implementation of enterprise strategic HR management through advanced information applications; secondly, relieve the conflict between power distribution and power centralization in HR management of the group through advanced information applications.

Group Supply Chain Management

By starting from group centralized purchase, centralized sales, group internal stock transfer, joint warehouse, and other core business sectors, the Kingdee EAS group supply chain management solution helps you to implement centralized management of purchase and reduce the purchase cost. It formulates the sales policies and prices in a centralized way, and standardizes the commodity sales behaviors. The management of the group internal stock transfer and the joint warehouse enables the further lowering of the internal overall inventory of the group, and improves the utility of cash flow. The solution helps the enterprise to slash production and operation cost, uplift the customer satisfaction of the enterprise, and continuously improve the enefits and profits of the enterprise.

Group Finance

The group management control mode of the enterprise is to manage and coordinate the internal business relationships and inspire and utilize the synergy of the group through organization adjustment and power configuration, so as to ensure the implementation of the group overall operation strategy and achieve the maximization of the overall benefits of the group.

Group Collaboration Platform Management

Initially, the development road of the collaboration system originated from the Lotus Notes system of Lotus in 1989. The entire 1990s was the nurturing concept period of the collaboration platform products. In that stage, the collaboration system was still growing with the development of the Email system, the Internet, and the Intranet of the enterprises and with the explosive application knowledge management.

Financial Management Solution

In addition to the fundamental accounting functions intended for the financial accounting and management personnel of an enterprise, Kingdee K/3 Finance implements overall finance management and integrates finance centralization, overall budgeting, capital management and finance reports at the group level. It helps change the enterprise finance management from accounting type to decision-making type, and finally helps in achieving the optimum value for the enterprise. All modules of the system can be used separately, or integrated with other systems seamlessly to form the enterprise application solutions that integrate finance and business.

Supply Chain Management Solution

Kingdee K/3 ERP SCM is intended for the purchase, sales, warehouse and quality management personnel of an enterprise. The system offers functions such as purchase management, sales management, warehouse management, quality management, inventory accounting, import management and export management to completely manage the business supply chain of the enterprise. The system can either run independently, or work with the Manufacturing and Finance systems, to form more complete and overall enterprise solutions.

Manufacturing Management Solution

Intended for the planning and manufacturing management personnel, the Kingdee K/3 ERP Manufacturing implements overall management over BOM (Bill of Material), manufacturing planning, capacity planning and SFC (Shop Floor Control). It enables the enterprise to establish and change BOM, manufacturing planning of multiple solutions, and limited SFC. This system can be used together with the SCM and Finance systems, to form more complete and overall enterprise application solutions.

Strategic HR Management Solution

Kingdee Strategic HR Management system provides a platform to companies that implement the HR management strategy. The basic HR employee management, payroll management, time and attendance management help the HR to perform their daily operation and generate required report for analysis. Through the employee management, recruitment, training and performance evaluation improve the employee performance so as to the company.
Kingdee K/3 HRMS provide solution in different industries such as Manufacturing, Service, Logistics, Trading, Real Estate, Retail and Hotel industries as well as public organizations and government.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Kingdee K/3 ERP CRM is a system that comprises of the operation category followed by the analysis category. Oriented at marketing, sales, service and management personnel in enterprises, it helps the enterprises implement full life cycle management for customer resources, and supports various transaction modes like relation marketing and project process management. This system can run separately or be integrated with the K/3 ERP main systems, to provide highly integrated and complete application solutions.

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