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traditional industries.
The essence of the industrial Internet does not lie in the Internet, but in
the industrial value chain.
The essence of traditional industries does not rest with enterprises internally, but with
The essence of the industrial value chain is not about possession, but about
heart to heart connection.
The essence of connection is not about man to man connection, but about

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Unmanned stores, smart automobiles and facial recognition payment…disruptions from unknown sources are happening all the time.Business management is not concentrated only on “resources” or “plans” any more, but focuses on Enterprise Business Capability (EBC).

The demise of ERP will come and those who have EBC will have the future.



Little K,Smart Business Assistant, Kingdee’s Financial RPA Robot


Block Chain

Financial Chain of Distributed Accounting and Blockchain-Based Invoicing


Kingdee and China Unicom have teamed up to launch

【Yundee Intelligence】


Cloud Computing

Kingdee Cloud Native SaaS+PaaS Platform


Internet of Things

Kingdee Edge Computing Data Box


Big Data

Kingdee Enterprise Cloud Drive Technology

Provide perfect management service

Realize quick changes in innovative business
A major question all large-/medium-sized market players must contemplate in the contemporary era is how the information platform may change the medium-to-long-term construction cycle in the ERP era, keep abreast with fast iteration of business and even use mature digital technologies and techniques to achieve the leap from IT-supported to IT-led business change and realize the leapfrog transition to digital commerce.

Wens:The world’s second largest pig breeder

CNPC:One of the world’s largest petrol giants

Ecosystem connectivity and smart collaboration
The Internet has broken the boundary between employees and partners, vendors and clients, and consumers and producers.The Internet has broken the boundary between employees and partners, vendors and clients, and consumers and producers.Cross-sector disruptive innovation and an infinitely extensible social supply chain system allow enterprises to interact and collaborate with all social resources and client satisfaction is upgraded to client intimacy.

Haier:A platform serving 200,000 small and micro makers

Vanke:Buildings as a salute to life

Empower individuals, vitalize organizations
Organizations are shifting from order to disorder, from containment to openness, and the essence to empower innovations is to unleash our infinite potential.Organizations are shifting from order to disorder, from containment to openness, and the essence to empower innovations is to unleash our infinite potential.In response to uncertainties, the key is whether the staff has sustainable creativity.What passionate and creative employees need is platform and opportunities.What passionate and creative employees need is platform and opportunities.

Fiberhome Telecommunication:A leader in optical communication

Moutai:The originator of Chinese spirits, the highest priced Chinese stock

Sharpen core competitive strength by digital transformation
In the past, a group of people formed a market; now, an individual is a market.A production mode of small batch and multi-variety has arisen from personalized market demand.To large producers, operation based on a platform and ecosystem is the only way to maximize their profits.Enterprises need to give full consideration to and realize how to derive the maximum benefit from the supply-side reform by combining front-office and middle-office digital means with the back-office intelligent manufacturing platform and reconcile personalized demand and mass production.

CRRC ZELC:A Chinese icon along the Belt and Road

Tellhow:China’s Tellhow, the world’s Tellhow

Reach out to target consumers accurately and realize personalized demand and upgraded experience
Easy connectivity in the digital era adds to the diversity and fragmentation of consumption scenarios and highlights the value of traffic; now, traditional dealers, stores and e-commerce operators are seeing growing difficulty in getting traffic, increasing costs and declining profits; it is important to seize the opportunities arising from the times, make the most of digital technologies, build an individual consumer-centric omni-channel retail system and reshape the core competitive strength in omni-channel footprint in the new economy.

Huawei:A Chinese brand that can rival Apple

OUYUE: General distributor of OPPO in Shandong

Precise control of supply chain quality
The supply chain was a linear chained structure in the past; in the Internet era, every enterprise is a node in the network and their performance is more dependent on collaboration and empowerment. The digital supply chain provides clients with a punctual, accurate and low-cost supply chain with superior supply chain capacity driven by digital online and digital algorithm and computing power.

Toly Bread:The lowest gross profit, but the highest net profit

Yangyuan (Six Walnuts):Legendary growth from zero to 10 billion: