> Kingdee Makes Strategic Investment to RPA Leader i-Search for Joint Construction of Kingdee Cloud · Cosmic PaaS Ecology

Kingdee Makes Strategic Investment to RPA Leader i-Search for Joint Construction of Kingdee Cloud · Cosmic PaaS Ecology


On May 8, at 2021 Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Summit, Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. (“Kingdee”) announced its strategic investment to the domestic RPA (Robotic Process Automation) leader - Shanghai i-Search Software Co., Ltd. (“i-Search”). During the summit, two sides entered into a business cooperation agreement on RPA and other relevant products. Zhao Yanxi, Executive Vice President of Kingdee China, and Mr. Tang Qisong, CEO of i-Search, attended the signing ceremony. In the future, two sides will work together to build an enterprise process automation service platform that deeply integrates RPA technology.

As the digital transformation of enterprises accelerates on a global scale, an increasing number of enterprises have changed their attitude towards RPA from a choice to a necessity. According to statistics, China’s RPA market size reached 1.02 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 96.6% over the previous year. The international analyst firm Gartner holds that RPA is the fastest growing segment of the enterprise software market in recent years. By 2022, 80% of enterprises deploying RPA will introduce AI technology to realize the business process automation for unstructured data. Enterprises will further leverage RPA products to address business challenges and help them automate business and IT processes. In pursuit of process automation, enterprises are not simply empowering those processes with AI. When selecting an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) service, it is critical for an enterprise to choose a platform that has a deeper understanding of the enterprise scenario or business processes.

As the leader of enterprise cloud services, Kingdee’s strategic investment to i-Search aims to, through the strong alliance with i-Search, further enhance the ecology and technology capability of Kingdee Cloud · Cosmic PaaS Platform and build an intelligent platform that integrates data platform, AI platform and RPA platform; by integrating RPA with several cloud products of Kingdee, provide RPA digital employee solutions for enterprises, replacing high-frequency, repetitive, time-consuming and high error manual operations, and meeting the demand for massive robot application products in multiple scenarios such as finance, human resources, supply chain and marketing. At present, Kingdee Cloud ·Cosmic Platform has built three core technology product systems, i.e. integrated low-code family, enterprise-level cloud native, and intelligent data application.

Zhang Yong, Rotating President of Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd., said, “As an important product form of AI landed enterprise services, RPA is reshaping business processes through the automation of business and IT processes, which will greatly accelerate the speed of enterprise innovation. Kingdee and i-Search should give full play to our respective advantages, strengthen the capability of Kingdee Cloud · Cosmic PaaS Platform with RPA technology, jointly make innovation, create intelligent and efficient robot application products, and help enterprises build their business capability.”

Tang Qisong, Founder & CEO of i-Search, said, “Through this financing, i-Search will continue to increase investment in the research & development of RPA and process automation products, ecological construction, and the acceleration of the landing of RPA’s best practice in going cloud and localization across sectors. Kingdee’s advantages in management, brand, product, technology, talent, client and channel will also be conducive to the rapid development of i-Search in the RPA market, so as to provide more corporate clients with high-value RPA services, and consolidate i-Search’s leading advantage in the RPA market.”


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