Constellation Finance Cloud Service

The epoch-making finance cloud service for large enterprises effectively integrates the financial management mode with cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data and other computer technology to establish a centralized and unified enterprise finance

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Business Challenges

Difficulty in financial reimbursement
Difficulty in financial accounting
Financial sharing center
Low level of tax management
Kingdee Cloud · Constellation Finance Cloud Service
Cover nine sub-applications: expense cloud, financial accounting cloud, management accounting cloud, tax accounting cloud, capital cloud, budget cloud, consolidation cloud, financial analysis cloud and sharing cloud, naturally integrating the workflow, imaging, electronic archives and other key functions with respect to the digital transformation of enterprises.

HR expense cloud
Build business scenarios based on plain business language; make explicit reimbursement rules for convenience of management from source; have electronic approval and transparent progress, tracing and real-time progress of reimbursement; deploy search and help readily available; perform whole-process control of expense reimbursement; and realize one key for reimbursement, intelligent control and accounting, and thus forming a complete data closed loop of reimbursement ecology.
Intelligent accounting cloud
Realize a large concentration of financial data for timely inquiry and analysis on the financial data of each member; unify the financial accounting system to ensure the standardized accounting of group members; effectively coordinate the financial business process within the group, monitor the implementation of the process in real time, effectively manage the financial indicators, and standardize the power and responsibility system of each member.
Intelligent sharing cloud
It is a public service platform for enterprise business enabling and big data sharing, using cloud computing to obtain business and financial information, using business and data models to express information, storing information according to rules, using artificial intelligence to transmit and process information, so as to help enterprise groups control operational risks and financial risks, and improve the operation capability and profitability of enterprises.
Intelligent tax cloud
Realize the international tax judgment, automatic matching of tax rules, automatic calculation of tax rate base, automatic identification of tax preferences, and innovative services such as one key for tax declaration and payment, and combined with the “Golden Tax III” risk and declaration control rules, promote the sharing and integration of tax risk control systems and tax procedures.

Customer Story

Vanke: Cloud reimbursement, and digital empowerment
Realize business standardization, process standardization and control digitization, strengthen the enterprise’s business management capability, realize paperless office.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth