Financial Cloud

Digitalization and intelligence are spurring transformation and upgrade in all sectors.

Business Challenge Demand Solution Panorama

Challenges to Finance

Digitalized “New Finance”
The Challenge of Technology Empowerment
The Challenge of Multi-element Accounting
The Stress from Repetitive Standard Tasks

Financial needs

Analysis and Forecast
Precise business forecasts and profit estimation

Data-driven Value Upgrade

Real-time co-occurrence of finance and business

Smart Sharing
Smart sharing financial service model

Smart financial information processing and conversion
Kingdee Finance Cloud Solution
Kingdee Finance Cloud Solution is constantly innovated to combine new technologies and redefine accounting and financial control. Optimize the finance organization, govern finance processes, integrate internal and external finance resources, support

Intelligent Financial Management
Finance robotics is applied to make easier receipts and payments, receipt of invoices, issuance of invoices and accounting, and to streamline and standardize repetitive and complex finance tasks for higher efficiency and quality.
Multiple Organizations and Multiple Accounting Systems
Multiple accounting systems and inter-organization transactions are developed to realize separate and parallel financial reporting and internal performance assessment, supporting corporate accounts, as well as cross-corporation and cross-profit-center management accounts.
Amoeba Operational Accounting
Operational accounting supports multi-dimensional Amoeba organization setup. A more detailed accounting system is established to reflect each organization’s profit and business performance at a glance, providing support to business decision-making and analysis timely and building up core competitive strength.
Mobile Internet
Easy-to-use applications on cellphone allow enterprises to have a glance of their business performance anywhere anytime and make financial management easier, instead of limiting reimbursement management, treasury management and sales receipt and budget management to PCs.

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