Galaxy Omnichannel Cloud Solution

Omni-channel cloud, designed with the concept "link, empowerment and innovation", supports B2B, B2C, O2O, C2M and other e-commerce models, provides an omni-channel marketing solution integrating e-commerce, supply chain and finance.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Refined dealer management
How to link terminals to consumers
How to create more value with data
Global Inventory Control
Omnichannel & New Retail Cloud Solution
Kingdee Cloud Galaxy, through an agile front office, a shared middle office, and a multi-faceted back office, links omni-channel data and marketing, and realizes unified management of orders from all sources, unified global distribution of inventory, targeted member marketing and a business and finance integrated solution.

New Retail (digital empowerment of new stores)
Technological innovation: interactive large screen, foot traffic heat map, intelligent warehousing, better experience; Higher sales per sqm: omnichannel membership, multi-terminal POS, platform promotion, responsibility for business, intelligent restock
Omni-channel Marketing (online and offline strong ecological competition)
Direct collaboration: multi-level, multi-channel type, online and offline order-level order fulfillment system; intelligent operation: indicators, orders, goods sorting, turnover, settlement, etc.
Order Collaboration (performance at the source is the key to optimization)
Multi-terminal order collaboration: Collaboration among plan, order, delivery and treasury; Win-win mechanism: Platform-level sales promotion, rebates, fees and reconciliation ......

Customer Story

Huawei Smart Life Outlets
1,057 new retail stores, smart terminals with direct reach to members; algorithm (omnichannel operation) fosters symbiosis; 450 stores deployed in a week, and 48.3% orders processed by self-service on terminals.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth