PLM Solution

The first public cloud-based PLM application in China that follows the IPD management ideology and is on the same platform as ERP to support innovation-oriented product R&D management.

Business Challenge Solution

Business Challenges

Lack of forward-looking and effective product planning
Improper, inconsistent, successive/serial product development processes
Absence of knowledge management-based data platform
Difficult to achieve synergy between R&D and manufacturing
Kingdee Cloud Galaxy PLM Solution
The Cloud Galaxy PLM solution is built on the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy platform for product R&D management, and realizes data transmission between R&D and manufacturing without integration interface. The workflows and project tasks/processes based on the unified platform can be initiated by users of any department and sent to other departments.

Market Demand Management Solution
With Cloud Galaxy PLM, requirements coming from the market or in-house sources are gleaned, defined, sorted out and classified, and reviews of business decisions regarding the requirements are initiated to help enterprises conduct project reviews, ensure effective utilization of R&D resources, and increase the chance of success of R&D projects.
R&D Project Management Solution
With Cloud Galaxy PLM, follow the management philosophy of project process-driven product data, establish, for enterprises, a collaborative development environment and real-time collaborative communication system that comply with good quality management practices of the industry, assess project execution, realize electronic and automated business processes, and bring all business activities of the project team under a flexible and standardized electronic business framework.
R&D Knowledge Management Solution
With the help of Cloud Galaxy PLM, organize a range of product-centered information views to achieve centralized and secure management of various technical data throughout the product lifecycle; provide accurate technical data sources for paperless management of enterprises.
R&D Materials Management Solution
Cloud Galaxy PLM helps enterprises establish a R&D-oriented materials library, control the process of new material generation through the new material recognition process, standardize material description, and avoid multiple codes for one item. Meanwhile, it curbs unchecked growth of new materials, reduces repetitive design, and helps enterprises control product costs at R&D stage in the first place.
Product Platform Management Solution
Make the most of the product classification, product derivation, product configuration, statistical analysis and other functions available in Cloud Galaxy PLM to build a structured product portfolio database for enterprises, and provide accurate data sources for supply chain/manufacturing through different applications such as CAD/EDA integration, EBOM, PBOM, etc. Meanwhile, following an analysis of sales and other dimensions of products, help enterprises create a product path.
Engineering Change Management Solution
In Cloud Galaxy PLM, at the request for change stage, one can analyze the impact from three dimensions, R&D/supply chain/manufacturing, to avoid losses caused by changes. At the change execution stage, one can initiate changes to supply chain/manufacturing simultaneously.
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