Galaxy Supply Chain Solution

Make the most of new technologies to integrate all channels and suppliers, among other resources, achieve automation and visibility of every part of the supply chain and align with partners to create value in the digital era.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Lack of Collaboration in Purchase and High Costs
Rough Granularity and High Inventory
Lack of Assessment and High Volatility at the Source
Absence of Inter-organization Assistance and Inefficiency
Digital Supply Chain, Connectivity and Intelligence
Digital supply chain combines modern digital technologies with the supply chain model closely to connect the goods flow, information flow, cash flow and logistics flow along the supply chain, realize visual supply chain management, maintain balance among individualized orders, inventories and sales forecasts in an real-time.

Complete Supply Chain Solution
Purchase management, sales management, inventory management, credit management, and inter-organization transaction modules, among others, are available, covering all core business lines of supply chain management within enterprises.
Multi-organization Supply Chain
Effective support is provided to multi-organization, multi-factory and multi-site supply chain operations, so as to help enterprises optimize their internal business processes.
Universal Barcode Application
Barcode management in Kingdee Cloud Supply Chain Cloud is applied throughout the management of raw materials and finished products, from receipt of raw materials to requisition, workshop process tracking, and then to receipt of finished products, release, and inventory count. The entire process can be quickly and accurately recorded through barcodes, improving work efficiency and minimizing the chance of errors.
Mobile Supply Chain Application
Mobile supply chain application covers multiple application scenarios and roles including sales, purchase, managers and suppliers, making supply chain services more human-oriented, timely and efficient, and improving overall efficiency of a company.

Customer Story

Jomoo has built a three-dimensional digital platform for consumers, employees, third parties, channels and suppliers to accommodate constant changes in the company's scale and structure, business model and industry mix.
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