Kingdee Cloud Stellar

Growth service platform, one-stop “operations + management” solution and digital empowerment to help small-sized enterprises grow faste.

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What is Kingdee Cloud Stellar?
Kingdee Cloud Stellar focuses on online operations and digital management of small-sized enterprises, features “new finance and taxation, new marketing and new platform” and provides SaaS-based finance cloud, taxation cloud, purchase, inventory and sales cloud, and online mall cloud SaaS to assist small-sized enterprises in customer acquisition, smart management and real-time decision-making.
New Finance and Taxation
New Marketing
New Platform

Product Solutions

Finance Cloud
Deep integration of business, finance and taxation, finance empowering business
Purchase, Inventory and Sales Cloud
Integrated supply chain management, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, procurement, sales and warehouse management, multi-dimensional costing; receivables and payables management; operating analysis
Taxation Cloud
Tax control by invoices to create an exclusive tax expert
Online Mall
Build an exclusive online mall for enterprises, customer acquisition, online ordering, promotion and marketing, interactive marketing, multiple payment methods

Industry Solutions

Food Industry
Maternal and Child Suppliers
Culture, Sports and Office Supplies
3C Industry

Customer Story

Song Dynasty Royal Kiln: Upgraded experience with National Gift
Stores and warehouses are closely linked together. The inventory information is transparent, and the inventory of all stores is shared in real time. You can quickly transfer goods from store to store on the mobile app, which simplifies business flow. Previously, we had to explain to customers when we were out of stock, but now we don't even have to. Customer experience is better.

Product Advantages

Operations + management, integrated solution
An integrated solution of "operations + management", with operations centering on omni-channel marketing and operations centering on finance and taxation innovation.
Efficient O&M, safety and stability
International information security standard certification and domestic telecom-grade IDC to ensure data security
7*12 services
Online services on 400 hotline/enterprise QQ/smart customer service, and 31 branches across the country, providing worry-free service
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth