Manufacturing Cloud

Target the pains in production management of SMEs, encourage enterprises to migrate to the cloud, help them gradually shift to "intelligent" manufacturing.

Business Challenge Demand Solution Panorama

Challenges to Manufacturing

High uncertainty of demand and poor adaptability of scheduling
Low transparency of the production process and inefficient collaboration
Inefficiency of production resources and unpunctuality of delivery
Poor quality control and traceability

Manufacturing Demand

Variety, short run, short lead time, customization

Business on the cloud, connectivity

Industrial Chain Integration
Internal and external supply chain integration, research, production and sales integration

Data-driven Business Management
Data Empowered Management for Continuous Improvement
Kingdee Manufacturing Cloud Solution
The full-fledged architecture of the industrial Internet platform helps enterprises access the digital ecology, helps manufacturing enterprises improve their digital capabilities, achieve cost and efficiency optimization, and build core competitive strength.

PLM+ERP+MES integrated cloud platform
A true PLM+ERP+MES integrated cloud platform that combines R&D management, resource planning, and manufacturing execution from the bottom, solving the difficulty in and the high cost of heterogeneous system integration.
IT+OT convergence, software and hardware integration
Through software and hardware integrated solutions, deep integration of IT and OT technologies, break the barrier between information systems and underlying equipment, and improve overall production efficiency.
Cloud-edge-terminal mode, to ensure stable and efficient production
The cloud-edge-terminal hierarchical architecture effectively solves the problem of network interruptions and other problems that cause line stoppage, ensuring continuous and stable operation of the production site.
The full-fledged architecture of the industrial Internet platform helps enterprises access the digital ecology, helps ma
Quality control and information records of the whole process, from materials, production to finished products, create a complete quality file and traceability system, providing comprehensive data support to accurate after-sales traceability and qual

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Intelligent manufacturing management platform designed for group enterprises
Manufacturing cloud management platform designed for small and micro enterprises
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