Omni-Channel Cloud

Support B2B, B2C, O2O, C2M and other e-commerce models, provide an omni-channel marketing solution integrating e-commerce, supply chain and finance.

Business Challenge Demand Solution Panorama

Challenges to Omni-channel

Refined dealer management
How to link terminals to consumers
How to create more value with data
Global Inventory Control

Omni-channel Demand

New Technologies
Revolution and Upgrade of Retail

New User Segment
Diversity of User Demand

New Model
O2O Fusion
Kingdee Omni-Channel Cloud Solution
Through an agile front office, a shared middle office, and a multi-faceted back office, link omni-channel data and marketing, realize unified management of orders from all sources, unified global distribution of inventory, targeted member marketing and a business and finance integrated solution.

Unified platform, data and business integration
Kingdee Marketing Cloud features eight solutions built on the Kingdee Cloud platform to achieve data consistency and native business-finance integrated collaboration.
Universal Coverage of All Channels and Models
Support traditional distribution, chain retail, B2C e-commerce and other channels and models.
C2M & O2O Supply Chain Solution
Provide various channel solutions to reach consumers and solicit orders, support O2O operations, and offer an integrated manufacturing and supply chain system that supports customization.
Cloud Deployment
Two delivery options are available, public cloud buyout deployment and public cloud lease deployment. Public cloud deployment offers a higher level of security.

Choose a Product Plan

Channel service cloud designed for large group enterprises
Omni-channel cloud management platform designed for growth enterprises
Marketing cloud management platform designed for small and micro enterprises
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