Kingdee s-HR Cloud

Strategy-driven, shared services, universal interconnection, an enterprise-grade cloud service for top-level decision-making, business development at all levels.

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What is Kingdee s-HR Cloud?
Based on the innovation of enterprise HR management model, Kingdee s-HR helps group enterprises build their core organizational capabilities through its professional HR management core platform, social self-service platform for all employees and open-ended cloud applications. In response to the challenges posed to HR management in the "Internet+" era, Kingdee s-HR adheres to the 4S product concept characterized by "strategy-driven, universal interconnection, social collaboration and talent suppl
Provide a shared service platform for human resources
Open-ended cloud platform with integrated application of related systems
Anytime, anywhere mobile applications
Internet style, supporting cloud deployment

Product Solutions

Universal Self-service Solution
Employees can inquire their personal files, salary, leave and attendance, assessment and other information, initiate various HR approval requests online, study courses and take examinations online, etc.; managers can inquire HR statistics such as manpower, salary and attendance of their teams.
HR Service Sharing Center
Employees can initiate and complete a set of shared services such as onboarding, certificate issuance, contract signing, work card making, and HR inquiries, on cell phone and HR shared service machine.
Talent Learning Management
Offer resource management including regular training programs, process implementation, effectiveness evaluation, credit management, teachers & courses, and in view of the career path and qualifications of the staff, provide training programs designed to enhance competence of the staff, as well as learning and examination on both PC and mobile devices, among other applications.
Performance Management
The implementation of various performance assessment models such as target management, KPI, BSC, OKR, and 360 questionnaire assessment in the system, help enterprises produce objective assessment of employees’ performance and combine the assessment results with salaries to foster a healthy and sound corporate performance culture.
Organization Management
Support multi-level, multi-business and historical organization management of group enterprises, provide compatibility with different HR policies, systems and job systems, realize sharing and segregation of policies, systems and basic data among different organizations of a group through permission assignment policies, and effectively support complex HR control by large groups.
Recruitment Management
Post job vacancies on the enterprise official website and third-party websites and receive resumes from applicants; resumes are automatically analyzed and entered into the database and shared among members; provide resume matching & filtering, online interview arrangement and notice, third-party talent assessment, and online approval of offers.

Industry Solutions

Financial Industry
Education Industry
Internet Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Chain Services
Realty Business

Customer Story

Central China Group: Unified platform, standards & specifications, process driven
Offer a comprehensive human resource information platform system to Central China Group and realize compliant management across business segments and regions, marking a new stage in human resource management.

Product Advantages

Full coverage of business scenarios
Innovative technologies, professional HR cloud services for group enterprises, changeable with demand
Deep into Chinese business management for 28 years
State-of-the-art platform design concept, empowering individuals and activating organizations
Agile and responsive service system
Adhere to the business philosophy "Help customers succeed", and provide customized marketing services and implementation & operation services.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth