Supply Chain Cloud

Make the most of new technologies to integrate all channels and suppliers, among other resources, achieve automation.

Business Challenge Demand Solution Panorama

Challenges to the Supply Chain

Lack of Collaboration in Purchase and High Costs
Rough Granularity and High Inventory
Lack of Assessment and High Volatility at the Source
Absence of Inter-organization Assistance and Inefficiency

Demand of the Supply Chain

Shift to specialized supply chain

Digital services for the supply chain scenario

Supply network capable of efficient sharing

Data-driven intelligent collaboration
Kingdee Supply Chain Cloud Solution
Modern digital technologies are combined with the supply chain model closely to connect the goods flow, information flow, cash flow and logistics flow along the supply chain, realize visual supply chain management, maintain balance among individualized orders, inventories and sales forecasts in an real-time, visible, perceivable and adaptable manner, build a flexible supply chain, shift the supply-chain-based business model to an ecosystem-centric business model and improve efficiency and profi

Digital and Online
Empower all roles in the supply chain with mobility, and offer smart pushing of high-frequency business data to realize digital services for the supply chain scenario.
Common Interests
Create more value for enterprises through the collaboration between dealers & suppliers and logistics management.
Smart Collaboration
Based on the digital supply chain pyramid model, provide smart lean supply chain application scenarios, cross-organization collaboration, and global inventory mechanism for centralized purchase and sales, and maximize inventory turnover.
Innovative Services
Provide supply chain finance and third-party warehousing services to realize integrated supply, collaboration and symbiosis.

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Purchase, sales, inventory cloud management platform designed for small and micro enterprises
Supply chain cloud management platform designed for growth enterprises
Purchase service cloud designed for large group enterprises
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