Solutions for 3C Industry

In view of the problems and competition faced by the 3C industry, provide an integrated digital platform solution to help enterprises refine their management.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Low brand loyalty and low repurchase rate
Difficult to reach terminals, divorced from the market
Low inventory turnover
New retail experience is not well supported by tools and technologies
Digitalization Solutions for the 3C Industry

Cover the full range of business
Include financial management, purchase management, sales management, inventory management, production management, R&D management, channel management, etc.
PaaS Platform Support
Enterprises can flexibly define their own business, that is, platform as service. Full support is provided to value chain reengineering inside and outside 3C enterprises, so as to accelerate transformation and upgrade of products, channels and services.

Customer Story

Huawei: Consumer-centric innovative service practices
1,057 new retail stores, smart terminals with direct reach to members; algorithm (omnichannel operation) fosters symbiosis; 450 stores deployed in a week, and 48.3% orders processed by self-service on terminals.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth