Solutions for Bakery Industry

Kingdee provides a digital service platform for bakery enterprises to create a fast, efficient, flexible digital service platform for the bakery industry.

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Business Challenges

Link customers
Multi-organization and multi-store management
Collaboration among purchase, supply and sales
Resource integration
Bakery retailers born to operate in a multi-organization model
Following long-term, in-depth research and summarization of business processes in the bakery industry, an information management platform is customized for bakery chain enterprises.

Integrated promotion platform
Help retailers set a wide range of promotion programs flexibly; at the same time, allow customized promotion programs and definition of promotion platforms according to the promotion programs, so that sales analysis can be made for the promotion programs later; promotion policy implementation can either be managed by the headquarters or maintained independently by stores.
Inter-industry coupon and card alliance
Support back-office definition, front-office write-off application, financial accounting and reconciliation, and form a complete closed loop. Provide SOPs to enterprises regarding giveaways and coupons, sales promotion, and other joint marketing activities with third parties, allow integration with offline or third-party systems, reduce marketing risk, offer better consumer experience and increase the appeal of marketing activities.
Request for restock and supply chain optimization
Based on Kingdee Cloud DATAONE big data model, it realizes automatic calculation of restock data based on store inventory, projected sales, and safe volume, taking into account weather and other factors. Under the operation model of the distribution system, it realizes unified collection and centralized processing of store demand, which greatly improves the efficiency of restock.
Production and sales collaborative planning capability
Real-time data sharing based on retail middleware effectively solves the problem in production and sales collaboration, and realizes and ensures timely data reporting and automatic processing of production orders.
Bakery retailers born to operate in a multi-organization model
Help enterprises carry out multi-organization settlement, single store profit and loss accounting, including turnover, costs, waste (return rate), expenses, and support independent accounting of e-commerce business, group purchase by large companies and retail store business.
End-to-end business and finance integration
Realize end-to-end business integration, and help enterprises form a data closed loop from the beginning of business to the end of finance, which can facilitate closed-loop tracking of daily business activities.

Customer Story

Taoli Bread
Connect 400,000+ stores, and 10,000 delivery vehicles in 72 cities via the cloud; process 100,000+ orders per day; reduce the return rate to 2.6% from 17.29%; pursue the ultimate simplicity and exchange low gross margin for high net margin.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth