Solutions for Electronics Industry

Target the pains, difficulties and development trends in the electronics industry, provide integrated solutions for research, production, purchase and sales.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business challenge

Product management is not adaptable to product development and demand changes
Supply chain management fails in timely and accurate supply of raw materials
The manufacturing system cannot guarantee punctual delivery to customers
Lack of comprehensive information to support business decision-making
Digitalization Solutions for the Electronics Industry
Help electronic enterprises carry out business innovation, optimize business processes, become more competitive in the market, and support high-speed profit growth, through the development of technical research and development capabilities, supply chain integration and rapid response, production refinement, digital and intelligent control, comprehensive quality control and traceability, as well as financial and cost control.

R&D Management Solution
Under the framework of modern R&D management thoughts, take full advantage of the management support provided by the quality management system of the electronics industry, to support lifecycle R&D management of electronic products, and in the R&D process, collaborate with business departments efficiently to improve productivity and control costs in the first place.
Supply Chain Management Solution
With barcodes, provide visualized global inventory management and improve data accuracy and timeliness. Help operators work more efficiently, realize idiot-proof and error-free process, and achieve quality traceability across the industrial chain.
Production and Operation Management Solution
Assist electronic enterprises in process control, from order taking, planning, production execution to after-sales and traceability, with the view of refined plan control, transparent production execution and comprehensive quality management.
Quality and Traceability Management Solution
The quality management module supports parts quality control, quality improvement and after-sales maintenance, recall and efficient traceability inquiries through refined quality control of the entire process from raw material inspection, production to finished product release, and complete traceability of process data.
Financial and Cost Management Solution
Build efficient financial accounting capability for business and finance integration, in support of multi-organization, international and multi-accounting policy financial accounting, and provide financial service capability efficiently via the connection of mobile applications to Gotax and banks.

Customer Story

EHang: Digital transformation boosts intelligent high-speed growth
A transparent and refined management system has been put in place to increase the productivity and profitability of EHang in the context of rapid product iteration and management iteration.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth