Solutions for Food Industry

Based on our understanding of the business of a broad customer base and data built up in the industry.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Difficult to control multi-region operation with high-speed growth
Not supported by a food safety regulatory system
Mistaken, missed or delayed orders, inefficient collaboration among purchase, production and sales
Low cost/profit ratio and difficult to reconcile
Digitalization Solutions for the Food Industry
The integrated business management platform provides a multi-channel access portal for each role and supports implementation from decision-making to business execution. It helps food enterprises put in place a management platform featuring integrated production and sales, business and finance, and control, in support of rapid business model replication and expansion of food enterprises.

Unified Sharing Center of Business
Support the flexible business structure in the food industry, fulfill division of labor and collaboration between the headquarters and its subsidiaries, as well as among purchase, sales and production, by sharing a unified data center, unified master data, and a unified operation platform.
Unified Sharing Center of Finance
Share consistent financial accounts, and through the multi-organization settlement price list and operational accounting platform, not only realize the financial accounting of corporate entities, but also realize efficient business collaboration among all operating organizations, meeting the requirement for group platform control.
Unified Portal
The portal connects users, partners, and suppliers quickly, and reduces costs and increases productivity in supply, production and sales through management services, business mobility, analytic data, and intelligent decision-making. Then food enterprises may develop core competitive strength.

Customer Story

Yangyuan Beverage: Industrial chain collaboration cloud on one platform
With Kingdee Cloud •Galaxy, Yangyuan Beverage has launched 4 processing plants, covering nearly 2,000 distributors nationwide, and connecting nearly one million outlets, and has built a unified, integrated and scalable digital platform that serves to meet the brand's RMB 10 billion goal.
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