Solutions for Household Industry

Help the home furnishing industry succeed in transformation and upgrade, and advance digitalization and intelligence of the whole process.

Business Challenge Solution

Business Challenges

High level of product customization
Difficulty in multiple sales channel management, e.g., distributors, stores and e-commerce
Difficulty in converting customer needs into product requirements
Industrialization of the home furnishing industry is restricted
Digitalization Solutions for the Home Furnishing Industry
In view of different operation modes of the home furnishing industry and different links of the industrial chain at which enterprises are situated, solutions are proposed for different segments of the home furnishing industry, such as home furnishing manufacturing, home furnishing e-commerce, home furnishing malls and stores, and whole-house customization.

Multi-Factory collaborative operation
Support multi-organization operation of enterprises, realize collaborative operation between headquarters and plants, as well as between plants, make the most of available resources such as production capacity, materials and equipment, improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, and support the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises.
Online and offline integrated operation
Combined with omnichannel marketing management, realize unified management and deployment of resources of malls, distributors, stores and e-commerce, drive close integration of online and offline, enhance consumer shopping experience and company awareness and influence, and promote the update and iteration of product design.
Integration and collaboration among research, production, purchase, sales and finance
ERP, PLM, MES, omni-channel management system operation platform help the home furnishing industry connect dealers, stores, malls and home furnishing manufacturers, realize integration and collaboration among marketing, R&D and design, manufacturing and financial costing.
Industrial chain collaboration
To meet the needs of customers for customization, obtain customer requirements from home furnishing malls, dealers and stores, and timely forward the same to manufacturers. Via the supplier collaboration platform, timely post raw material demand, achieve collaboration between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and realize information-based transparent control of industrial chain demand.
Multi-dimensional accounting empowers business
Multiple accounting systems help customers in the home furnishing industry carry out multi-dimensional accounting, get a panoramic view of business operations, and support timely business decision-making and development planning.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth