Solutions for Home Appliance Industry

Kingdee combines its digitalization experience and practices in serving its customers over these years to help customers in the home.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

High cost, thin profit, slow turnover, large capital tied up
Messy prices, terminals out of control
Product scenario, customization, research, production and marketing integration are difficult
Difficult to expand channels and supervise projects, cumbersome after-sales system
Digitalization Solutions for the Home Appliance Industry
Through agile front office, shared middle office and diversified back office, we create a digital platform integrating research, production, purchase and sales. It helps home appliance companies optimize production methods, improve supply chain efficiency, quickly respond to upstream and downstream customer needs, realize omni-channel marketing, and reach end consumers.

Cover the full range of business
Include financial management, purchase management, sales management, inventory management, production management, R&D management, channel management, etc.
PaaS Platform Support
Enterprises can flexibly define their own business, that is, platform as service. Full support is provided to value chain reengineering inside and outside the home appliance industry, so as to accelerate transformation and upgrade of products, channels and services.

Customer Story

Topim: A factory for value creation
A lean, automated, inform-based and intelligent system has been built, consolidated and running for more than half a year, and has delivered 40% downsizing, triple productivity, a 90% reduction in injection material loss and an 80% reduction in metal loss, and filled the gap of intelligent manufacturing in the small home appliance industry.
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