Solutions for Instruments Industry

Target the pains and difficulties of instrumentation enterprises in management, provide digital intelligent manufacturing solutions putting equal emphasis on lean.

Business Challenge Solution

Business Challenges

Rapid market changes and iteration of new products, diversity of demand
Relatively low level of information technology
Customer requirements for quality control and traceability, and fulfillment of system requirements
Digital Upgrade
Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions for the Instrumentation Industry
With respect to workforce skills and working hour control, balanced production plan and flexible capacity construction, material pull and replenishment mechanism docking, lean, digital and intelligent production control, equipment exception trigger and rapid response, process quality control and traceability, help instrumentation companies drive business innovation, optimize the production process, quickly build up their market competitiveness, and support high-speed Profitable growth.

Operator Empowerment Solution
With a clear task list, video/graphic operation instructions (SOP), one-click reporting of line failures (Andon system) and other functions, operators can always be concentrated on value-creating work, and be empowered. Thus, the entire group is energized.
Quality Manager Empowerment Solution
D-FMEA and Control Plan for customer products apply online SPC statistics-based process control to monitor key product and process features, timely identify and report systemic abnormalities and variations, so that the process is under control and affected only by random factors, and quality control is achieved.
Equipment Manager Empowerment Solution
Through the IoT equipment dashboard and Andon system, one can get a graphical overview of key equipment resource utilization status and various indicators such as: UT, OEE, MTTR, MTBF, etc. Pareto analysis of loss items for each indicator helps managers focus on equipment management priorities.
Production Manager Empowerment Solution
Everything is clear at a glance, including staff skills and working hours , machine parameters , material status in tables and chart, instantly updated drawings and documents, graphical production progress inquiry, and real-time online SPC quality performance monitoring. Tedious production management is digitalized.
Equipment Maintenance Staff Empowerment Solution
Employees with equipment maintenance skills can get real-time downtime event alerts and timely respond to and cope with unanticipated equipment failures, through visual equipment runtime parameters. While ensuring smooth production for the shift, it also records and endorses individuals' positive response to exceptional events.
Material Control Staff Empowerment Solution
Realize material flows associated with data generation, recording, flow, and even as a command, triggering next action, automatically output alarms or reminders, display in tables and charts, and send notices to relevant personnel.
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