Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

The digitalization solutions for the manufacturing industry can create a new growth pole for the manufacturing industry and make it bigger and stronger.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Uncertain and fast-changing customer needs
Increasing difficulty in product development
Numerous contributing factors to the production process
Poor profitability of the manufacturing industry
Digitalization Solutions for Manufacturing

Digital Marketing Solution
The Kingdee digital marketing platform is built on three platforms, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic SaaS marketing cloud product, unified user platform, and ISV and Sl ecological platform, and features a three-tiered platform architecture comprising fully connected front office, shared middle office and cloud-based back office. It provides B2B2C distribution, B2C e-commerce, omnichannel membership and new retail solutions for the manufacturing industry.
Digital Product Solution
Data-driven collaborative product design redefines product R&D collaboration. Crowdsourcing and product design engaging users and suppliers make product R&D more efficient. Meanwhile, digital product definition makes data sharing among R&D, production, quality, supply and other processes faster, more accurate and reliable.
Digital Production Solution
Given the demand for variety, short run and customization, build new production, operation and management capabilities in four aspects: operation, control, scheduling and collaboration.
Digital Purchase Solution
Help manufacturers shift their goal in purchase from cost control to building a new partnership ecology
Digital Warehousing and Logistics Solution
Provide enterprises with IoT-based intelligent logistics and warehouse management
Digital Operation Solution
Change the traditional chain reaction mode into a new mode of operation management with the operation brain at the core

Customer Story

CRRC ZELC: Digital transformation regenerates CRRC ZELC
CRRC ZELC is backed by an information system, that is, the Kingdee EAS system. The platform has gone live following four years’ hardworking. Kingdee has worked with us to realize mobility of plan collaboration, materials delivery, production process, and quality control. Our employees can do operations on their cell phones, and we have connected every employee. This is cutting-edge technology.
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