Solutions for Machinery Industry

Kingdee combines its digitalization experience and practices in the manufacturing sector to help customers in the machinery industry optimize their production methods.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Make to order, research and production in parallel, frequent changes
Mesh routing adds to difficulty in planning and scheduling
Low degree of automation and labor-intensiveness
Complex process equipment that is difficult to maintain
Digitalization Solutions for the Machinery Industry
The solutions for the machinery industry are built on best practices proven by a large customer base. An integrated solution of PLM + ERP + MES fit for the business characteristics and development trends of the machinery industry helps customers optimize product lifecycle management, covering R&D, design, purchase, manufacturing, marketing, services, maintenance and care, and gradually shift from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing.

Supply Chain Management Solution
With barcodes, provide visualized global inventory management, and at the same time, provide JIT purchase solutions to upstream suppliers (VMI purchase) and VMI sales solutions to downstream customers. And through ED docking and supplier collaboration platform, connect the upstream and downstream of the industry.
Quality and Traceability Management Solution
The quality management module supports parts quality control, quality improvement and after-sales maintenance, recall and efficient traceability inquiries through refined quality control of the entire process from receipt of raw materials, production to finished product release, and complete traceability of process data.
R&D Management Solution
Take full advantage of the management support provided by the quality management system of the machinery industry, to support lifecycle R&D management of products.
Production and Operation Management Solution
Assist vendors in process control, from order taking, planning, production execution to after-sales and traceability, with the view of refined plan control, transparent production execution and comprehensive quality management.
Financial and Cost Management Solution
Build efficient financial accounting capability for business and finance integration, in support of multi-organization, international and multi-accounting policy financial accounting, and provide financial service capability efficiently via the connection of mobile applications to Gotax and banks.

Customer Story

Huashu New Energy: "Management Awareness + Management Tactics" Double Drivers
Optimize and reduce material codes by 1/4, realize business process reengineering (BPR), sort out and standardize hundreds of existing business processes, build "transparent workshop", and create real-time feedback of work-in-progress data, process assignment and inspection data in the production process.
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