Solutions for Online Education

With the help of big data, identify customers' actual education resource needs and changes accurately.

Business Challenge Solution

Business Challenges

Inadequate information integration, separation of finance and teaching affairs
Online education is booming and internal management is weighing on enterprises
Limited collaboration among off-site branches
Cost support is highly variable, difficult to manage and unregulated
Digitalization Solutions for the Online Education Industry
By building an integrated online education information platform, our primary goal is to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. With the integration of business and finance, we can quickly identify actual education resource needs and changes of customers in different age groups and regions accurately, and help enterprises adjust core business, fine-tune cost mix, optimize financial models, and explore technology-based new business models in due time.

Unified Data Management Center
Centralized management of funds, books and assets is realized through sharing of basic data such as accounts, consistent voucher templates, management of internal accounts, and cross-corporation and cross-organization management of assets.
Online Education Treasury Management Solution
Put in place a treasury management platform based on fund balance to realize treasury plan management, settlement management, financial accounting, risk monitoring and decision-making analysis of online education enterprises.
Centralized Accounting System for Online Education
Build a centralized accounting platform, implement and enforce consistent accounting standards, standardize basic data, and realize centralized application of accounting.
Expense Management + Portable Reimbursement Solution
Through mobile reimbursement, enterprises can not only manage reimbursement, but also manage the transaction process. Employees can initiate request for business trip, and book plane tickets and hotel rooms. After approval, orders are placed and payment is made automatically. All information of deep business fusion, such as the consumption process, reasons and attribution of expenses, is clear at a glance.
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