Solutions for Food & Beverage

Shishen Food & Beverage is committed to helping food & beverage enterprises build an intelligent and fine-grained centralized control platform for the entire value chain.

Business Challenge Solution Customer Story

Business Challenges

Limited means to attract and convert followers into members
Stores have high operating costs and cumbersome operating processes.
Inefficiency and sloppy control of the supply chain
Digitalization Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry
The EBC+POS+O2O integrated full value chain solution incorporates business and finance information resources of the food & beverage industry into the basic management platform system, to help enterprises quickly retrieve data at the time of decision-making and improve the accuracy and enforceability of decisions.

Unified SaaS Platform
A SaaS cloud product that is fast, lightweight and ultra-high performance, which can be applied to light meals, fast food, bakery, milk tea, fresh food and other segments.
Online and offline multi-channel integration
Realize a variety of powerful functions such as dine-in, take-out, WeChat ordering, order middle office, treasury management, applet integration, fast marketing, mobile reports, etc.

Customer Story

72nd Street: Digitalization practices of Chinese fast food chain business
Increase conversion rate significantly by 23%, achieve the peak of 260 orders/hour, and reduce inventory to 0.4 days, to ensure freshness of ingredients; cross-system integration makes finance simpler.
Get a new digital experience, open a new chapter of growth