Solutions for Service Industry

Empower enterprises in the service industry with efficient collaboration, business and finance integration, expense and cost control.

Business Challenge Solution

Business Challenges

Lack of group financial control
Inefficiency and high cost of supply chain collaboration
Operating costs erode profit
Information technology cannot support implementation of corporate strategies
Digitalization Solutions for the Service Industry

Multi-organization centralized control
It helps enterprises achieve centralized management of funds, books and assets through sharing of basic data such as accounts, consistent voucher templates, management of internal accounts, and cross-corporation and cross-organization management of assets. Consolidated group financial statements, compliance with accounting standards, and centralized monitoring of funds and management of assets are realized.
Intelligent Accounting Platform
The intelligent accounting platform can define voucher templates under different books according to different accounting rules and automatically generate accounting vouchers, reducing the workload of finance staff. Financial data of the headquarters and sales channels in each city is generated according to different financial management requirements. Close collaboration between business and finance and accounting resource sharing greatly improve the efficiency of financial accounting.
Individual Expense Reimbursement
Realize paperless expense reimbursement. Business departments enjoy integrated management of request for business trip and expenses and expense reimbursement. The mobile application has improved the efficiency of approval. Meanwhile, a closed loop of budget-reimbursement-bookkeeping-reporting-tax return is formed to help enterprises control costs effectively.
Supplier Collaboration
Improve just-in-time and flexible delivery of purchased goods through eight aspects of supplier collaboration, namely, inquiry and quotation collaboration, order collaboration, delivery collaboration, inventory collaboration, financial collaboration, reconciliation collaboration, information collaboration and barcode collaboration.
Omnichannel Distribution
Integrate online and offline distribution channels, realize consistency of online and offline products, members, orders and inventory, cover all marketing scenarios, seamlessly integrate with the back-office system, and reshape the core competitive strength of enterprises.
Mobile Office
Provide a cross-platform efficient and collaborative mobile social portal for all user roles in enterprises, and weave Internet technologies perfectly into management.
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