Solutions for Trade & Retail

Provide digitalization solutions to reshape all aspects, including omni-channel integration, business model innovation, supply efficiency improvement.

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Business Challenges

Organizations of no vitality due to "big pot"
Squeeze by upstream and downstream erodes profit
Difficulty in customer acquisition, transaction and repurchase
Traditional distribution system
Digitalization Solutions for the Trade & Retail Industry
Online efficient collaboration capability and intelligent agile decision-making capability give comprehensive support to internal and external value chain reconstruction of trade & retail enterprises and accelerates the transformation and upgrade of products, channels and services.

Omnichannel operation
Multi-level distribution, chain stores, online shopping mall, community group buying, live-streaming sales and other omni-channel transaction scenarios are covered. Integrated architecture, unified goods, unified orders, unified inventory, unified membership support agile and efficient operation and empowerment by front-load finance.
Omnichannel member marketing system
Member rights and benefits are consistent across the network, member marketing reaches the entire network, and member lifecycle management supports various member marketing patterns such as cross-industry alliance, bonus points, targeted marketing,
Efficient supply and fine operation
Support DRP management, intelligent replenishment, multi-organization collaboration, RFID application, purchase and sales collaboration platform, and enhance the end-to-end digital efficient supply capabilities of enterprises; support budget, promotion, coupons, rebates, expenses, operational accounting, and help enterprises achieve multi-category, multi-channel, multi-organization refined operation control and management activation.
Rapid iteration of business
With the BOS platform, integration platform, process center, and multi-lingual platform as the underlying system architecture, deliver 90% configuration and 10% code, and allow agile iterations to help enterprise applications cope with the rapidly changing market.

Customer Story

Smart Times: Business model innovation and digital practices
Smart Times has connected more than 1,300 partners, covering more than 3,000 products. Total market capitalization of these partners has exceeded RMB 1 trillion. More than 100 million consumers are covered.
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